Great day in E. Wash

Aside from you being an asshole it was a simple question which was not directed toward you. But thank you for your input, I don't know what I would have done without it.
Ike, not to fan the flame but: if you come on the forum here and your very first post is, "What river were you fishing," you probably aren't going to get much love.

Might help to hang around a bit more, read more threads, get to know a few folks. Read the forum rules, etc. I think you'll find that people are much more willing to share in that case.

I also think it doesn't do you any good to use your second post to call someone an asshole who was simply pointing out the obvious.

Just a thought.



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not trying to be a party pooper, but that's a steelhead ?? i've only seen colors like that on spawning fish, or within days of spawning, but never have fished for steelhead at that time. i'm no biologist, but maybe like some strains of landlocked rainbows, some river in e wash has steelhead on redds before christmas? but then, i haven't caught tons of steelhead yet. maybe someone here with a background in fisheries biology can educate us. either way congrats on your O. mykiss !
btw, what did he eat for you?

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They can get colorful long before they spawn. I've see a summer run in that was green on the back, red down the side and it was the August. In the same school of fish I caught one that was chrome as could be. Both were fatty (meat looked the same).

Someone posted an interesting discussion about how quickly they can actually change colors (via chromatophpores?) depending on the color of the water, etc.

Anyhow, it is a steelhead (length, lack of spots below the lateral line) and I'll bet $ that there are few if any trout that size where it came from...and no I don't know what river :)

As an aside, the E. Wa steelhead are getting long in the tooth, but I'll be rounding up hatcher brats until it closes...gotta do my duty!