We have sauerkraut!!

My mom used to do kraut in an antique 15L crock every year, so good. I had to skim it every few days, we kept it in the attached garage and used a brick in a ziploc on top of a dinner plate for the weight. The crock broke a few years ago and I haven't had homemade kraut since then. I'm now sincerely jealous.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Heh, heh, My brother and his ol' lady are what the media pundits might call "foodies." They try to eat organic and range-free, grass fed, etc etc. They make a lot of pickles and also do some canning. This is good. I am lazy. I don't make pickles, but I fish, therefore I trade fillets for pickles.:)
I just ate some breaded and pan-fried Black Rockfish filets that I slathered with tartar sauce made with mayo and diced up home-made pickles.:p

My Mom didn't cook with sour kraut very often, when I was a kid, and I don't think I recall her making any. I never got into it. I personally have never prepared any in my 62+ years. I like purple cabbage raw or steamed, though, and cole slaw, and Brussels Sprouts.

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