NFR Comon.. New england

Being a CO native that bleeds orange and blue, I was glad to see the Patsies lose since they will likely be playing the Broncos in Mile High for round 2 of the playoffs.
One thing you can learn from that game.... unlike most teams, 28 points isn't a big enough lead against the Pats. I'm not a Pats fan, and sure wouldn't want to face them in the playoffs.

Remember what they did to the Chargers a few years back in the playoffs? I think they were down by 23 or something in the second half, came back and won!


Proud to Be Alaskan
They said no chance the game would be a shootout, they were wrong. I started 4 patriots/niner's players in the first round of the playoffs and now I'm in the semis... Won the week by 30 points...

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