NFR The easiest BIG decision I will ever make.


I've been married 39 years. Take a close look at her mother because as time goes by, you're going to end up with a clone. May the Force be with you... because it will be. You'll find that your wife is always correct even when she isn't. It takes a little adjusting to accept that fact.

I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend. She has the same warped sense of humor and love of the outdoors.

I wish you both to Live Long and Prosper.

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It's not the size of the ring. It's the meaning behind it. Me and my Wife have been together for 38 or 39 years now.(second wife). Plain gold bands worked for me and we are still wearing the same.
It's time. I have decided to pull the trigger and propose to my girlfriend. She makes me a better man and I see a strong future with her in my life. Pushing me forward to make a better life and sculpting me into a man I want to become. End of the bachelor era.

It takes a lot to make me weak in the knee's, but I was having a hard time when I asked her dad for his blessing. And just to make it easier on me he took me outside to smoke a cigar and drink fine whiskey. I'll be lucky if I can ask her in one fluid sentance.
Good for you man! When I went to ask my wife's Father for his blessing, I got myself so worked up that after pulling into his neighborhood, I drove past his house and continued down the street to the coldasack. After turning around, I drove back up the street and parked in front of his place. While walking to the front door, I was so damn nervous that I almost jumped out of my skin. To say the least, I was more than a little surprised when after having knocked on the door some man whom I had never seen before in my life answered. As it turns out, I had stopped at the wrong house. His place was 3 houses up the street. Well...things were a hell of a lot easier after that.


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Good on ya, mate!

I was a devout bachelor for 60 years until I met my now-wife at our 40-year high school reunion in 2009. We started dating about 9 months later and got married 15 months after that. Best decision I've ever made (next to retiring early! ;))

We've only been married 15 months but it's been great. On our 1-year anniversary we celebrated by going fishing!! Gotta love a woman like that, right???

May God bless you, your intended and your upcoming marriage! :D
Congratulations. I have some advice for you.(as is customary)

1. Never fight when you mad. Calm down, then wait for her to calm down. Then talk about it rationally.

2. The two most important words you can say are NOT "I do" or "Love you" or even "I'm sorry" they are "Yes dear".

3. Remember, happy wife = happy life

Been married 17+ years and we have never raised voice at each other.
Congrats on your upcoming marriage!
Been married 27 years and will add one more to Jeff's list.
4. Never go to bed mad....always work it out and go to bed as will be so much better ;)
Good for you and congratulations! It's nice to read that she makes a better man of you, but are you also man enough to make a better woman of her? Life's a two-way street you know. Don't worry about the ring. When she makes you a better man she will let you buy her another, larger edition.
The only thing I'd add...if she is "all that and a bag of chips", size of the ring won't matter at all. I (like you) wanted to buy a bigger ring, and my wife said no way! She wanted a good washer and dryer instead...go figure. She graduated at the top of her class from WSU, and wanted to be a stay at home mom. I said, um..ok.
4 kids and 15 years later, I am a blessed man. (Honestly, I think God knew I really needed help)

Some people would say, "Now you have a ball and chain around your ankle for the rest of your life." Since I've been married, I'd say that I had "a ball and chain", then I married her and lost that ball and chain. Sounds like you have found the right lady for you, and that is simply awesome Codioos!

I sincerely hope that all goes well, but even if it doesn' have the rest of your lives to laugh about it :p.
Congrats on your decision! I put a ring on my girlfriend of almost 9 years' finger with the fireworks going off behind me on the 4th of july. I did the whole ask dad thign and all that too, he already likes me but that put our relationship to a new level as well. Good for you for finding one that will fish. Mine wants to but she never sctually gets out there with me, most of the time thats a good thing but sometimes it would be nice to have er with me. Atleast she doesn't say anything when I'm on the water 3-4 days a week when fishin's good. I wish I could offer some wisdom but although we have been living together for a long time I am entering a whole new world too.
Grats man, it's about love not money so the ring is only symbolic. My wife and I got married in `91 and we spent $500.00 on everything...including the rings. She camps, eats cold food and puts up with my obsessions as do I with hers. We are a true dirtbag couple and I am proud of our large family of three dogs and 2 cats and much gear :)
Keep it simple and be honest and open in your relationship.
It's not brain surgery.
Good luck man and get psyched for fun.

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Congrats on the engagement, best wishes to you and the lady. I've done marriage twice, the first with the wrong expectations. The second marriage was thought out, discussed, considered, discussed and considered. I don't ascribe to the "happy wife, happy life" thing, that was what destroyed the first marriage. I do subscribe to patience, listening, negotiating, caring, but also on asking for what I want and being honest about me. But the biggest part for us is building a level of trust and commitment to each other so that we can work through the challenges that come in such a close and demanding relationship. This second marriage is 22 years old and going exceedingly well. I wish you the very, very best.


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Thank you everyone. I feel pretty dang awesome and am ready to do it.

I've got it all planed out. I picked up a teady bear that is holding present, so I will put the ring in that box all wraped up. I'm going to have my soon-to-be father in law hide the bear in the family room so it looks like a decoration. When my family come over to her parents house to hang out on Christmas afternoon we will all gather in the main room and I will point out to the bride-to-be the bear and the present its holding. As she opens the box and finds the ring I will be on one knee in full proposal mode. I just hope I can get the lines right.

So far its only her dad that knows about it. I'm going for a big suprise here. Although I think everybody knows its coming sooner or later.