2012 Saltwater Year in Review


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It's hard to believe, but this year is almost done. I've already started planning fishing trips for 2013, but I thought sharing some good times from 2012 would be a fun way to beat the weather.

New experience: Fishing for big tarpon on the Gulf Coast of Florida near Boca Grande. Casting to pods of giant tarpon cruising past our anchored flats boat, and finally getting a one to eat my fly off the shore of Cayo Costa State Park. The sight of that ~120 pound tarpon leaping completely out of the air and splashing down right in front of me was amazing (too bad it broke off the fly almost immediately). I must do this again!

Pleasant surprises: Really good cutthroat fishing up in marine area 9 both in terms of numbers and size. While salmon fishing, my fly got crushed several times by some amazing cutts. Also, the really big run of hatchery ocean silvers that entered Puget Sound in 2012 was a big surprise. I had to keep telling myself "it won't last" as I made myself get up early morning after morning to go get my limit.

Most satisfying experience: Finally catching several nice silver salmon at one particular MA-9 beach that had skunked me over and over when I began fly fishing Puget Sound beaches 9 years ago. It was a giant monkey off my back to walk off that beach hauling some big silvers back to camp for dinner.

Most relaxing: Catching a bunch of black rockfish from a boat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca with my brother. Cast after cast into the kelp beds with our 6 weights produced some nice hard fighting rockfish, several of which schooled us. It was a blast.

Biggest regret: Not hooking into an adult chinook this year. Every year I hope that I get a crack at a big blackmouth or chinook from the beach. Sometimes it happens, usually not. Another regret is failing to hook into a really big >10 pound silver from the beach. It's good to have goals for next summer though.

Happy New Year
That sounds like a great year!
One of my dreams is to get a tarpon. I actually really want to get a Tarpon, Snook, and Permit. Big dreams eh? <---so Canadian...

And as for the blackmouths, me and you are on the same page- hoping to get one on the fly this upcoming year!
Great post, you helped to really showed how good the silver run was this year. In future seasons, we can fish with confidence using the tactics and flies you were willing to detail. I know I learned a ton as discussion expanded on several different coho threads you and the other MA-9 coho guys started or participated in. I still have yet to land a big ocean coho, but it will come.

Thanks again for all the info, and great year!
Nice report DimeBrite and a fun way to wrap up the year. I think we will compare this year's coho run to all future years, we can only hope they are half as good. There are a few members I always look forward to seeing post a report and you are one of them. I really appreciate your reports and insights into our great saltwater fisheries, and I'm already starting to get excited about next years pinks and the opportunities we all share.



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You certainly had a great year with the local cutts and coho. I always enjoy watching your intensity as you look to hook up on another coho.
Hopefully the resident silvers will be readily available come next July to hold us over until the ocean fish start showing up in August.
I had a great time on the beaches this last year fishing with you and some other board members.
We got to meet some unusual characters as well.
I'm proud of you son....;)

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
I know I learned a ton as discussion expanded on several different coho threads you and the other MA-9 coho guys started or participated in.
I'd second what Steve said, the 2012 Salt board consistently has/had unbelievably good advice, good stories, solid discussions and helpful guys, it's definitely one of my highlights of 2012...


"Chasing Riseforms"
It was a good year Dimebrite. I didn't get out as much as I wanted to, but I had some good thrills and had some nice smoked coho out of the run this year. It was a pleasure running into you a couple of times on the beach. If we get into some coho next year as we did this year, I'll be plenty pleased. Since tomorrow is the end of the world, I may have to go hit the salt one more time tomorrow!


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I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you out on the beaches catching big salmon next year Brian and Larry. I also hope to meet you other saltwater die hards on this board (Jordan, Steve, Tacoma Red, Mark, Wadin Boot, etc, etc), although it feels like we already know each other from posts and personal messages. One of the best things about this hobby has been making great friends in the ferry line or on a foggy beach (probably why I never bother getting a boat).
Brian, I've been checking out your photo gallery (and Denny's) and I'm pretty impressed with those monster bonefish, roosters, dorado, etc. Looks like an amazing experience.
For me, 2012 was all about the coho. Most of you know how hard I worked and how ridiculously excited I was to finally get into some silvers in October. I think I've honestly never had more fun with a fly rod, and never hooked bigger or harder fighting fish (though I'm hoping to find some steelhead that will play with me this winter).

I was a little bummed out not to have as much of a chance to hit the Chum run--work and life just got a little to busy once that started picking up. Nonetheless, I think I did learn a bit about chums, and will go into next season better prepared.

One thing I'm really looking forward to for 2013: learning more about resident coho fishing. I've caught my fair share while targeting SRC over the years, but I'd really like to start putting a bit more effort into learning the rezzie game.

And I have to second Wadin Boot: this forum has been so fun to be on over the last few months. I have learned so much, made a couple new friends, and been helped out by so many others--I really couldn't ask for more.

Happy holidays to everyone!

I've made my only new years resolution so far...to only write Roger Stephen's style salt report titles for 2013.
Hey Boot:

I am going fishing today and want to give you a "heads up" that I am changing to a new post title style:). It is all "cuz" of you:D. You are not going to be able to match it "cuz" I want a unique style that nobody can match:p. So be ready with your best shot!

Looking forward to another good year now that I am a retired hack. It should be a banner year as I'm headed to Loreto again and the pinks will be here, then the silvers, then the cutts. Man, I can barely wait to get out after Christmas and go after the resident coho. Hope the weather clears a bit.

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