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Ok. So I've been guilty of following these gun posts. Fishing sucked for me yesterday. So, to help "lighten up", I thought about a couple of my cars I owned as a young college lad. Funny how those old cars we owned can make you cry. These were my two favorite cars back in the early 70's. I think I bought the 46' Ford for about $400. Before I came back from Vietnam, my dad wrote me and thought I should sell it, as it was just taking space in his yard. I agreed, and sold it for $600 in 1970. When I got back to the States, I purchased my 1957 MGA. It was probably my favorite car. I drove it during my college years. It makes me cry to think I sold it for $900 sometime around 1977! I know others on here have had a lot nicer cars. What was your favorite? Post a pick. These photos are not the original cars I had, but almost identical. 1946_Ford_Model_69A_Business_Coupe_AEJ586.jpg 5641d5dacb.jpg


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When I was about 17 or 18 I had a pink (yes, I said pink) 1960 Dodge Pioneer, 2 door hardtop. She was named "ruby and delicious". The stories I could tell about what when on in that car.
This isn't a pic of mine but it looked just like this execpt mine had t-bird hub caps.

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My first car: 1968 Mercury Montego MX 351 4v V8 3 speed auto on the floor. $500

My second car. 1970 Torino GT 351 2v V8 3 speeed on the floor
paid 350 for it never got to drive it. ended up parting it out and did very well for my 350

Third car 1968 Torino GT fastback 390 4 speed car. paid 2500 for it if i remember right. drove it for several years

4th car 1971 torino GT original 351 auto car mine had a 460, never got to drive it on the street. engine seized after sitting all winter... parted it out.

I don't have pictures of my actual cars but these are examples of classics that i owned. my days of owning fun cars is over and when i look back I didn't have the money to have them actually be any fun.


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I haven't read a word of the gun post but my car memories are pretty clear. In 1954 my dad bought me a '41 Ford close coupe. We were living in Damascus, Va at the time and the car had been used by a guy that drove it to the train station every day with a rickety trailer attached and picked up the mail for the post office. Seventy five dollars. It was originally dark blue but he had painted over the original paint with light blue porch paint. With a brush!

What a project to turn that into a hip teenagers ride. I eventually got all of the paint off and got it in red primer. Living in a time and area where fender skirts, lowered rear ends, fox tails on the antennas, white mud flaps and windshield visors were considered cool I was a complete reversal of what was going on down south. My '41 was probably one of the earliest cars east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon line to have a "Dago Rake", big tires on the rear and lowered in front. I installed alloy heads, a manifold with dual Stromberg 97's and dual exhaust. I styled around in confidence knowing that I was cool and that the hillbillies with their ass-draggers were--well, hillbillies.

I went into the service in 1956 and my dad sold it to a guy in a neighboring town that finished what I had started with a refrigerator white paint job and a custom naugahyde interior. How I would love to have that back with a modern small block Chevy in it!

That old '41 was a benchmark in terms of automotive and sexual awakening.



I owned a red 1965, limited edition, Mustang convertible with a white top. It wasn't exactly practical in NE Oregon. The convertible top plastic rear window broke during the winter when it froze. The top would freeze and slowly melt as the car warmed up so it rained inside the car on me and the passengers while I drove through the snow and ice.

So I sold it for 500 bucks. When you look up classic Mustangs, you'll always find a photo of the exact car I sold. The last time I checked, the sucker is worth over 50 grand... and I sold it for 500 bucks. I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes thinking about that sad fact.

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My first car was a 1951 Pontiac. It had a straight 8 in it. I got 12 miles to the gallon no matter how I drove it. It was a two door with a post. I bought it what I got out of the Army. in 1956. I think I paid 600 bucks for it.

My next car was a 1953 Ford. V8 Flathead. 3 speed on the column Don't remember what I paid for it. Now this was a going concern. It was lowered and it was almost dragging on the ground. Had the front and rear leaded in and primered. It road like a tank I couldn't drive over a speed bump. Everything rubbed. Then I got married the first time. And then I sold it and got a 1955 Ford Convertible. Now this was a nice car. Drove the piss out of it.

I could go on and on about the cars I owned but It was so long ago that I had them I forget about some of the makes. I had one foreign car. Don't remember what it was.

Upton O

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1946 Army surplus jeep with 289 V-8, overdrive, duel exhaust, select-o hubs, roll bar, and no gas gauge, just a marked stick to stick in the tank to see what the fuel level was. When it was running, bitch would go.

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One more thing about the cars from the 50's and 60's. You could work on them yourself and you usually held things together with bailing wire.

A coat hanger to hold your muffler in place. Duct tape wouldn't work on nothing hot.
1979 MG midget - Drove it for a summer. I had to replace the alternator about 3 times. I guess I helped keep Lucas in business. Paid one dollar per CC.

1984 Fiat X19 - not fast, but it handled like a baby Ferrari. The engine sits right behind the seats so when you're driving it also sounds like a Ferrari. $2000 in 1991.

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Most memorable? My first . . . a '51 Chev 4-door. Went places in SW Montana that General Motors had never envisioned (and likely would have made both them & my parents cringe had those folks been so apprised. "Cringing" was accepted & normal behavior for fishing & hunting partners while in that car, however. Had I known then what I know now, I'd have moved to Idaho & hung-out with Pat McManus, Retch Sweeney, and Rancid Crabtree.).

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