Guide to Pflueger Medalist Reels

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I had one of those from the 1970's. Talk about a knuckle buster. First fly reel I ever owned. Have no idea where it is now. It could be in a garbage pit for all I know.

Jim Ficklin

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Thanks for the post. I still have "several;" I use these on old-school bamboo heirlooms. And they DON'T wear out, but CAN greet knuckles rather abruptly. It's all good.


Love vintage graphite!
I like the old pre-war medalists. Click/pawl, sculpted pillars, round line guard, etc.
This is the reel for my Sage GFL 686... Medalist 1494 circa @ 1931-1937
They don't get much smoother than this.


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Nice picture, bitterroot. Thanks for posting this jwg. I'm a fan of the medalist too, but did have one I purchased as a teenager wear out. The retaining part of the post wore out after about 40 year of being my main reel....had to buy a new one of ebay!


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They don't wear out, that is, if you put some Lock Tight on the screws.

I was fishing one day for steel and had the reel fall off. The seat was still attached to the rod, but unknown to me screws had been sneakily making their escapes.

It was years ago and the only reel I had that day. I remember having to McGiver a solution, some combination of moving screws from other parts of the reel, sticks, and bailing wire or something like that. I do remember fishing the rest of that day.

Solid little reels, though. I still have four, all but one U.S. made.

What are you guys doing to hurt your knuckles on them? Am I fishing them wrong?
Poor man's Hardy. Have two I've been fishing since I was a kid, from the mid-60's, & a later rim-drag model. Still fish them all. They sold for about 20 bucks in the 60's, & I don't think they cost much more than that now, though the newer ones aren't the same quality, & with a crappy finish that doesn't last. That old model with the sculpted bars & line ring is a beautifyl thing. No more of a knuckle buster than any other single action reel might be if one sticks their knuckles into the spinning knob for no good reason.

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