Guide to Pflueger Medalist Reels

Used these guys for Decades. Only two gave up on me. One via a very frisky King Salmon, the other the front wheel of a truck. Reels weren't up to that level of abuse.

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Used these guys for Decades. Only two gave up on me. One via a very frisky King Salmon, the other the front wheel of a truck. Reels weren't up to that level of abuse.
Okay; stupid question......
When I got mine, it was set up for right hand retrieve. I changed that to left; but now that I am paying closer attention, I am thinking that the 'line guide' needs to be moved around a bit; it sits at the bottom of the reel. Yes?
I have a few of these reels from the 50's and still use them on my classic glass rods and the only boo rod that I own. These reels have been bullet proof with regular cleaning and lubrication. Not flashy by today's standards but a design that is time tested. They have accounted for many fish over the years and nothing is as exciting as the clicker screaming when a big one makes a run!!
One of my favorite reels. Love the looks, the sheer ruggedness and that laid-black click. I regularly use a 1492, 1494 and 1495-1/2 from the late 1930s. Below is the 1492 on a 3wt bamboo rod that won the battle with a 21-incher.

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I have many. The one that gets used most is my 1496 1/2 that I fish on my 11 1/2' two hander. It's a great reel. I just purchased some glass blanks. They'll end up with medalists on them.

I'd love to have a click style with a round line guard. Although I enjoy the feel of my medalists they don't have an awesome sound like a Hardy or Young reel. The medalists have more of a grinding sound.

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My dad gave me a Medaist with my first fly rod in 1966. I've still got both, though I changed from fiberglass to graphite in the '90's. I used that same 1494 until about 5 years ago and finally broke down to get a nice, (lighter) large arbor reel. I have nothing but good things to say about the Medalist, (pre Shakespear that is). Many great memories and some damn nice fish on that reel.
One of my buddies still uses his for Steelheading and loves it.
I too am a Medalist devotee, I've used them since the 60's. I have a "94", two "95 1/2" , "96 1/2" and two "98". The "98's" are on my spey rods and have taken all the abuse I have given. Of course, I'm kind of thrifty, so expensive reels never held my attention for long. I used a Scaracione (spelling), the other day and I love the sound, but I love the money more.


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Oh boy, I remember my first chum was on one of these. I was on a trip to a family function and was checking out some water. Saw some movement in the water, ran to the trunk and rigged up a rod and reel. Boy was it a knuckle buster, I have been hooked ever since. I think I still have the marks, what a blast.
I've actually been divesting myself of Hardy's and replacing them with Medalists for a while now. They are much more economical and I just like they way the look/sound especially the small vintage models. I've got 2x 1492, 2x 1492 1/2, 2x 1494, 1495 and 1498. I probably spent less than the price of a Bougle on all 8 reels combined...

A step up from he medalist if you can find one is the Valentine single action reel. Looks like a super well made medalist.


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I like my Medalists just fine, but I'll make a sacrifice and trade you a U.S. made 1495½ for one of those nasty Hardy's you're getting rid of. :)