Tolt River ???

Hey all,
Went out scouting rivers up north. The Snoqualmie was real pretty, and nearly swooned at the sight of the mighty Skykomish.
Unfortunately this "scouting" trip kind of doubled as a "family" day so I wasn't able to sling any bugs on the water, which didn't really bother me 'till I got to the Tolt(@ the Tolt-MacDonald camp ground outside of Carnation) where I spent an hour or so with my wife and daughter pointing out what appeared to be rolling trout between 8-10" and a Sucker or two in the 16-20" range off of the suspension bridge there.
I will be returning there next Saturday and was wondering that since the Tolt is a tributary to the Snoqualmie if there'd be summer run Steelhead swimmin'about anywhere?
Any help'd be much appreciated,

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