Thread for #18 and smaller flies

I didn't know about Veevus. Sounds like good stuff. If not the best. I'll have to try it out.
Too bad they don't have blue dun gray and light brown.

I have drawers full of thread. Most tiers use black the most, I think. I almost never use black. I usually choose the color that most closely matches the body color of the fly. Which is expensive--which is why I have so many spools of thread (I won't say in my drawers). I do like 14/0 thread. It makes your flies look neat and tidy. Even when you're a scatter brained tier.
Ah. OK! They do have a zillion colors. Not at the link posted above perhaps. But Veevus makes lots of colors. I'm sold..................Heavenly Father Internet. Hey nay oh way


I just started using the Veevus thread and the stuff seems stronger than Spiderman's web (he's dead, now :eek:).

As far as thread color goes... all you need is white thread and some magic markers :)
I use UTC non-waxed on everything down to 22's. With a spin to untwist the thread it will lay flat and has a high breaking strength. smaller than that I use griffiths 14.
Man, I wish i knew the manufacturer of the stuff I've been using. I got it from my mother before she passed. She was a sewer and used this were you didn't want to see the thread yet needed something strong. Small as say 6X tippet. Zero stretch and it will bend the hook if you pull hard. At first I had a hard time with it cutting the material. Now that I have gotten used to it I just don't pull it too tight. It's so small I can take multiple wraps on a #26 without building out to much.
Jeff, new member here, came upon your post. No seamstress I... However ? I did send your post to a few friends who I know know these things and sure enough, got a good lead .... the consensus was :

It’s called invisible thread. It’s nylon and has several manufacturers. Any quilt store will have it, also the chains Joann’s Fabric and Hancock Fabrics. Some brands are Sulky, Guttermann, and Dritz. (Sue here, one friend preferred Sulky.) There are weight differences between brands and it usually comes in two colors, clear and smoke. A spool costs between $2.99 for 273 yards and $3.99 for 440 yards. If you don’t have a store near you, there are several online places you can order from.

Me? I would take the spool in that you do have (if you still have it) and show to the most senior staff person at the shop, we're talking , you know, the 55 and above ladies ....

Good luck.
Thread diameter is of course an important factor, as is whether one can flatten it easily when needed, cording it as needed too. Most multi-strand threads allow this. Monofilament thread, of course, does not.

Most important, though, is making each wrap count. Sounds like a no-brainer - but not always adhered to.

I have a simple yardstick - if i cannot explain to myself why a wrap needs to be there, most likely it shouldn't.

Benecchi 12/0 is my staple thread, and I tie down to #30 with it.

Hans W
I can't even see a size 22 fly let alone, tie one. But once when I was in Maupin I went into a second hand store that used to be there and found a spool of lingerie nylon thread in black. It has a fairly low breaking strength but if you are careful, it ties pretty small. I use clear mono for a lot of my flies. It's pretty thin stuff and has a fairly high breaking strength.
Hans, absolutely amazing how you managed to get all those materials in place and so neatly on a #30, especially that peacock herl thorax. Really nice!

Thanks for sharing,


Holly CoW! Now Hans is here too!! Good grief. Waaaay coool. WFF may be the new VFS!

As I mentioned in another thread, Hans is my favorite fly tyer... I've learned more from Hans than any other fly tyer (but I still can't get the hang of that splitting the thread bit for dubbing) he has my sense of humor :)

Hans doesn't simple shoot still shots for his step by step fly tying instructions, he makes a video.
Hans, please show your videos in the Step by Step section of this forum.

Sue and Hans, I am very happy to see both of you here.

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