Upper Switch Rod Grip


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Working on a switch rod, 6 wt, 10'8" Rainshadow blank

for the upper grip I used two full wells cork grips to start, plus a 1/2 inch composite rubber/cork ring for the top end.

The lower part of this long grip was made with the full wells cork, minus about 1/4 inch removed. The upper end was turned down a little to match up with the next piece of cork...

Then a piece of another full wells grip, reversed, so the recess was toward the top, the recess cut off, and a section at the other end cut off.

then the composite ring, turned to create a shape.

I turned the upper portion of the upper grip, where the bulge was on the original full wells piece, to a smaller diameter until if felt right in my hands to avoid gripping fatigue.

total length of the upper grip is 12 1/4 inches


(the lower grip is unremarkable, with a composite cork base, not shown.