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I went in to Avid Angler today and walked out with an Outcast Fat Cat LCS and accessories. (Avid Angler is a super cool shop by the way. Great customer service. I will definitely be back. )

I'm curious what you die hard tubers thoughts are in regards to anchoring your tube. I was all set to get an Outcast anchor system but the lady at the shop talked me out of it. She said she fishes out of that same boat all the time and found the anchor more trouble than its worth for various reasons. One of the bigger reasons was the amount of strain she had to put on her back to turn around and pull it up. I'm a pretty big guy, so I'm not too concerned about straining myself pulling up a small anchor, but I'm curious what other folks think... Anchors; worth it or not?

I bought the tube because I'm away from home for several months, and I without my truck/pram I am without a floatation device. With the tube I can just throw it in my rental car whenever I have some time off. I do a lot of vertical presentation fishing in my pram, with a double anchor set up. I'm wondering how you folks prefer to do it in a tube.... anchor of some sort? Or do you find it easiest to just kick to maintain position?

I'm heading up to Lone in the morning for my maiden voyage, just wanted some other input.
I do the mesh bag thing for walk in lakes.

I'll share a fortunate find though . . . . find an old window weight and attach 30 ft of good boat rope and use it for your float tube. Long and skinny so it doesn't sink into the mud near as much. Hold every bit as good as the pyrimid ones and easy to pull up. I use mine as a second anchor in my pontoon boat for Chironomid fishing in the wind.


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I second the sash weight idea. I have a cool little anchor made years a by a neighbor....it's a small size coffee can filled with concrete with an eye-bolt stuck in. It works great.


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Glad you enjoyed Avid Anglers. They provide great service.

As far as an anchor goes, you really only need about 4-5 lbs to keep you from moving. Since they have such a small profile and you aren't sitting up real high, that will work even when the wind is blowing pretty good.

I've seen people rig Scotty anchor releases to their SFC's.

Here is another option and what I do for my SFC.
I use 30' of rope for my anchor rope.
Take about three feet of rope. Attach one end to the loop strap at the bow of your SFC. On the other end, add a small crab float and a carabiner. Tie a knot on each side of the float so it is stationary on the rope. When it isn't in use, clip the carabiner to a d-ring on your tube so it is out of the way.

When you want to anchor, drop your anchor, tie a quick loop in your anchor rope and clip it in the carabiner. That way you don't have to use all your anchor line if you are anchored up in shallow water.
The purpose of the crab float is to make your anchor line float upon retrieval. Without the float, your anchor line will sink and be under your boat when you go to retrieve it. The float will be underwater when you are anchored. Take a few kicks backwards and the float will pop to the surface, making retrieving your anchor rope easy.

Here are a couple of pics on how I have mine set up.

Tackle 052.jpg
Tackle 053.jpg
Tackle 054.jpg
Tackle 055.jpg
what I
I use a 4lb downrigger ball, 30' rope a figure 9 caribiner to secure it. I used to skip the anchor and just hold position with fins but now I take the anchor every time.
I've carried a mesh onion bag and line with me ever since I got my SFC (at Avid Angler) about 5 years ago. I've never used it. I hold myself in position with my fins when I want to be stationary. I've rarely found that to be a problem. I don't fish chironomids; maybe folks who do find it more critical to be anchored.

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You might stop at Island recycle on your way back to the ferry today. It is north of Bush Pt rd about a mile.
They have many window weights and small floats like Stonefish pictured.
Thanks for all the great suggestions! SF, I really like that setup. I think I'll look into something like that at some point. Spent the day on Lone today, and with zero wind there wasn't ever much issue with not having an anchor. Still thinking I'd like one, as it would be nice to be able to just put me feet up and relax and not worry about staying in place.

Froze my arse off today! Sure was missing my pram. Now I remember why I bought the damn thing in the first place.

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I never go out without one. I agree that most of the time, finning is easier, but at times it is great to anchor up if the wind comes up and take a break. Especially if you are in a good spot. It has saved my butt a couple of times when it gets really gusty and I can just sit and ride it out until it passes.

I use about a foot of very heavy galvanized chain with a few round lead weights attached to the bottom end. The thing weighs 3-4 pounds, but with the chain it doesn't drag and I can store the whole thing in the cupholder of my Scadden tube/toon. I tie off the anchor line to a moving point that I can shift from the front to the left side. That way I can adjust my position to the wind to get it coming over my left shoulder for care free casting.


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Uhhh, an anchor for what we do is a no brainer, but don't over think it. Tie something heavy to a rope and drop it over.
I made an anchor from a discarded piece of 1 1/2" pipe fitted with an I-bolt and filled with concrete. I have never weighed it but imagine it weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of three pounds or less. I attached a mesh bag to the side of the tube that holds anchor, rope, and net but I haven't used my tube for several years now since I bought a pontoon boat.

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