SBS BigE Coon Dog (Foxee Dog Variant)

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A Foxee Dog SBS was requested by a couple people. While at this time I don't have a recipe for the Foxee Dog, it looks much like a Temple Dog originated by Hakan Norling. I surmize the only differences between a Temple Dog and Foxee Dog is that the Foxee Dog is tied on a hook vice tube and uses Artic Fox vice Temple Dog. Since I had neither Temple Dog or Artic Fox, I tied this pattern with Finn Raccoon and was quite pleased with the results.

Main Hook: TMC 7999, Daiichi 2161, Mustad 36890, or Gamakatsu T10-6H #6
Stinger Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus Circle #4 with 20 lb Fireline
Thread: Orange Uni 6/0
Tail: Orange Finn Raccoon
Body: Orange Flat Diamond Braid, Orange Hackle
Rib: Black Ultra Wire Medium
First Wing: Flashabou, Orange Finn Raccoon, Black/Cree Hackle
Second Wing: Orange Finn Raccoon, Black/Cree Hackle
Third Wing: Black Krystal Flash, 3D EP Fibers Black, Black/Cree Hackle

Tie in your stinger hook using FireLine, Mono, or Beadalon. Wrap on top of the hook.

Feed the tag ends thru the eye of the hook. Pull back down the sides and lash down.

For extra strength, coat with superglue. This is especially important if you don't feed your tag ends thru the eye of the hook.

Tie in the Finn Raccoon tips forward. Make the tips as long as the hook shank. Cut tag end.

Fold the tips back and tie off.

Add some black wire and flat braid. Advance your thread to the two-thirds point on the hook.

Wrap the braid forward with overlapping turns and tie off.

Tie in a orange hackle.

Wrap the hackle to the back of the hook and tie off with the wire. Wrap the wire forward and tie off. Add three strands of Flashabou (I used Gold here), double around the thread and tie off. Trim to length of tail.

Add in the first wing of orange Finn Raccoon, tips forward. When preparing the Finn Raccoon leave some of the longer guard hairs.

Fold half of the hair back and tie off.

Fold the second half of hair over the first.

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Tie in a black or cree hackle. Take a couple wraps and tie off.

Repeat the steps for the first wing and tie in the second wing.

Add some black Krystal Flash.

Tie in a black or cree hackle and take a couple turns and tie off.

Tie in a bundle of 3D EP Fibers. These are black and have strands of purple and red. Tie the hank in the middle with a wrap or two.

Fold the hank back over on itself and tie in another black or cree hackle.

Clean up the head and tie off. Add a couple coats of SHHAN.

Comb out the fibers and hair.

Trim the fibers on an angle as shown here.

Only one more step...trim the hook.

Crack a beer.


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Well demonstrated Big_E. Thanks for really encouraging contributors to put out so many quality step by steps. Such a talented membership.

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