SBS Veiled Assassin

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This fly is a fairly simple tie with not too many materials at the request of Thomas Williams. The Veiled Assassin was originated by Michael Gormon, a avid flyfisher and teacher in Oregon.

Hook: Daiichi 1260 #8
Thread: Floro Red
Tail: Pink and Green Hackle Fibers
Butt: Green Chenille (I subbed in poly post)
Body: Speckled Chenille Hot Pink
Wing: Mylar Tubing
Overbody: Pink Egg Yarn
Hackle: Pink
Head: Hot Bead (hot pink used here)

Start off with putting your bead on your hook and affixing to the vice.

Tie in a few pink and green hackle fibers. Tie off and trim butt ends.

Tie in some green chenille and wrap a small ball. You could sub poly post or dubbing for this step.

Tie in and wrap some pink chenille. Leave yourself some room at the head.

Remove the cord from the mylar tubing and add as wing. You want it about as long as the hook shank.

Tie in some pink egg yarn. Be sure to get it all around the hook.

Use a dubbing brush and frizz out the egg yarn and mylar tubing.

Wrap in a pink hackle.

Sweep the hackle back and clean up the head. Tie off.


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