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I’m overwhelmed by the number of fly rods and reels available today. There was a time during my early my fly fishing adventures that I didn’t own a reel. It was my own fault because I opted to spend my paper route money on a new shotgun. So, for a while I was forced to fish sans reel. I kept my line in my pocket and soon learned that smaller trout and all Bluegill didn’t require a reel. Later, I would tell those who asked about what reel to buy; “doesn’t matter as long as it balances the rod, a reel is just a place to store your line.”
I still think that reels only become important when fishing for those fish that make powerful long runs and for those fish a quality smooth drag is paramount. And so over the years I have gravitated to Abel Reels for fish that require a smooth strong drag and I’m still a loyal Pflueger fan for all other game fish.



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I like having a reel to store my fly line on, as I'm quite certain it would get seriously snarled and tangled in my pocket.


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I've been contemplating a hook on the belt that would hold and release loops of line, in addition to the 40 odd feet in my hands. You know, for those prodigious manly casts. Still need the reel though, at the end of the day.


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Do those handles get slippery in the rain?

Reels mean different things to different folks...


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