Swap Beginners Fall and Winter Monthly Swap

Starting in September or October, I'm thinking of starting a beginners monthly swap. A limit of 12 tiers that sign on for the fall winter months. Each month you would vote on what style of fly to tie, dry, emerger, nymph, wet fly or streamer. At the end of every month, one set of flies would be due to me, and a complete swap set returned to you. It would be a great way for beginners to get into swaps and improve their tying skills. Nothing sharpens you up like tying a dozen of the same size fly.

Give it some thought as the summer progresses and let me know either here on the board or by e-mail if you think you'd be interested. If there is sufficient interest, we could run two groups.


I am interested. I might even be able to help some depending on my winter schedule. I have a feeling I am about to get real busy at work.


Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
New River Mike

The discipline (of tying a dozen of various flies at a time) would do me good. How would you define a beginner? I'm light years behind someone like Grizzly 6! ;)
Weclome back, Warren! Hope you guys had a great trip back east. I wish you might be wrong about your work but I suspect you're not...

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