Simple Steelhead Nymph


Someone was asking about a steelhead nymph pattern as a SBS. This one is so simple a SBS is silly.

I don't use nymphs for winter steelhead but this works extremely well on the Rogue... right now.

The gentleman who came up with the pattern lives on The Rogue River in Oregon and catches a lot of steelhead with the fly. I have no idea what he calls it.

Anyway, if you're into nymph fishing for winter steelhead, it may work where you are fishing. It's so simple, it's worth a try.

Hook: Daiichi 2451, or similar short shank, ring eye, heavy wire hook, sizes 4-6
Tail: 2 Brown goose biots, tied as a V
Rib: Gold wire
Body: Peacock Ice Dub
Head: Gold tungsten bead


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