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Has anyone on the forum participated in a "cast and blast" trip here in WA? I've been thinking about the one offered by Red's specifically, but would like to hear comments on that and other similar trips. What time of year did you go or would you recommend? The Yakama skwala hatch sure sounds like a good option.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get into bird hunting. I've always thought it a very cool sport and, like fly fishing, affords the opportunity to be out walking about in awesome places. Next to some select fly fishing TV shows (remember "The Spanish Fly"?), I loved watching "Hunting with Hank". Only a few trips under my belt and lot's to learn still (another set of WA reg's to digest :eek:) ... keep the posts coming Roper!


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Come over and I will take you out for birds sometime

I go out every weekend

Thinking of a Cooke Canyon hunt in Feb or March and hit theYak in the afternoon for a cast and blast combo

I run into hank at Cooke Canyon


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You do know there's still another week for phez and two weeks for pats and quail...right?

Toms suggestion of a CC hunt in Feb/Mar is a great way to hone skills and get a dog onto some birds. His invitation to hunt with him is even better...


Not to be confused with Freestone
My neighbor was hoping to take me out before the season ends, but schedules have been tough and we're getting short of time. On the upside, I didn't invest in a 2012 license...but will now get one for 2013.

Ribka -- I'm definitely interested in taking you up on the offer and will send a PM, thanks.

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