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I'll be heading out there Tuesday and at least one more time this week. I really miss the salt. I'll be overheading with a 13 foot spey rod so stop by and say WAAAASSSUUUP.

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Joe from PA
No info on PNP, but I fished Marrowstone Pt. Saturday. I released a nice 26" silver caught at high tide. About 30 minutes later a gear guy landed another coho and that was it. From 2PM until sundown 2 only fish were hooked (not counting the 4-6 inchers the gear guys were catching on spoons). Not too many people fishing - maybe 6-8 guys at most. Will probably hit it again next week and hopefully the fishing (and the ferry traffic – stupid lavender festival :reallymad) will be in better shape. Joe
I'm thinking about hauling my boat over there in a couple of weeks to fish that general area. Has anyone used the boat ramp at Eglon just south of PNP? Is it an okay ramp and is it useable at lower tides? Can the wind being frustrating in the PNP area?

If someone is interested in coming along on a week day, send me a PM in the inbox of this site.
Fished Friday, Saturday and Sunday by boat many diffrent places in area 11. Only one fish to hand but a real nice Coho of about 8 LBS. Largest Coho I ever caught this time of year, it had been feeding very well. Saw 1 other fly fisher out in a boat who said he had caught some SRC and not many Salmon landed by gear either. Lots of bait and lots of seals this year. Not alot of fish in area 11 so far and many I talked to had not seen many caught either.
That Coho was lots of fun 4 times taking line and running close to the surface, wrapped around some floating kelp and all and still landed and released safely. I may have only caught one on the first day of the weekend out but he was sure a good one.
The best part was catching it in front of a gear guy earlier while loading the boat who thaught I was a little crazy to chase Salmon in the Sound with a fly rod.
I will be out again next weekend and maybe one night after work if I can swing it.
The wind can be a real problem. The lanch at Eglon can be used but the cement only goes out about 15 feet or so. The rest of the way (which could be up to 100 feet) would be on rocks/mud so the best idea would be to get there and leave during anyother time then low tide. Fishing was a bit slow Sunday. Couple of cutts from shore and some huge sculpins. I live 8 miles from PNP and I think I will keep at it. I will be the guy with the stripping basket (Homemaid white mesh and black). IM me if you fish out there often and want a partner/person for info.
Tight Lines
Fished PNP yesterday from 8:30 - 12:30. Lots of hits from dinks about 6 to 10 inches but luckily my size 6 hook was too large to get in their mouths for any length of time. Unfortunately, there were a number of little salmon hooked by gear guys using treble hooks. Don't think very many of those little guys survived their encounters with buzz bombs and spoons after being yanked through the water.

I did see a few fish jumping that must have been 3 - 4 pounds but they were out about 100 yards. Actually had one bigger fish follow my fly right up to my feet without taking it. Looks like the season is right on track for this time of year.
I would never hang with anyone from SF, but I'd steal an idea from Dan Blanton anytime. That is a pattern that has already worked for me out there. With the little darting motion at the end of the strip, I figure it couldn't hurt anything.

Matt Burke
I've borrowed a few ideas from folks and always try to give credit. The way I tie my leech, Ed ward gave me some tips even though I never saw him tie it. I had thought this was a Blanton thing but now I'll be able say Sellers. I'll borrow from anyone except if their initials are SS.

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