Looking for a river and good guide

Hey all, I'm heading out to Forks for some business and wanted to get a little steelhead fishing in while I'm out there. I don't know enough about the area or the fish to try on my own so I thought a guide might be a good idea. Any recommendations or cautions on the guide service to use? Also which river out there seems to produce well this time of year?

Rod Wittner

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Depending on when you plan to go, finding an open day or seat could be a problem.
I have fished with Jim Kerr on several occasions, in fact I just fished with him last Thursday and Friday. Jim is a top notch guide and a blast to be with and he works his ass off. You can't go wrong. www.raincoastguides.com

Jeff Brazda is likewise a great guide and has several other great guides that operate out of the Bogey House. I have done that trip as well. A great time, for sure. But, Jeff will not be starting up the operation until the 1st part of February. www.brazdasflyfishing.com
It is likely that Jim is already booked, but I would definitely recommend him. I think he now has a couple of other guys that are working with him and help to handle his overflow. If Jim knows them, you can be confident they know their stuff.

Another option is to contact the Waters West fly shop (also a site sponsor) out of Port Angeles. Dave has several excellent guides working with him through the shop.

Hire a guide and he'll know what river to fish.

John Hicks

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If you want to walk and wade to some amazing water. As well as have one of the best lunches made on the O.P. talk to Bob Triggs. He is a member here and a top notch guide.

Also look at Ryan Davey. He is guiding up there. His company is Primal Angler.

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