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Simple to tie, catches fish.

hook - Mustad 3906B #16
thread - Uni 8/0 camel
butt/egg sac - antron dubbing green
body - zelon dubbing tan
underwing - hen hackle fibers
overwing - Congo Hair beige
hackle - hen

mash barb and attach thread 1 hook eye width back

wrap back to point above hook barb

apply some dubbing to thread

dub a small ball for butt/egg sac

apply some more dubbing for body, keep it loose (original fly used touch dub for the body; split thread is an option, too, whichever you prefer)

wrap body to initial tie in point

pull off some fibers from hen hackle for underwing

let tips extend a bit beyond hook bend and tie in

trim butts and tie in a few strands of Congo Hair (or whatever sparkle yarn you prefer)

fold back, tie down and trim even with underwing

prep a hen hackle feather (I like the tips to extend back to the hook bend)

tie in by tip (trim tip after hackle is wound)

wrap hackle, tie off, whip finish, SHHAN and go look for some egg layers

This one's for the Hydropsyche hatch; adjust colors and sizes to meet your needs
would yellow dyed pheasant rump be an acceptable sub for the hen hackle? Are there any other subs that you might use or stick with the hen hackle?


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I use hen because it's the right size for what I need, colors are good and I have lots of it; partridge would probably work well. I've got some quail skins with nicely marked feathers but, surprisingly for such a small bird, they're too big for #16s. I've never seen pheasant rump dyed yellow (I've got an olive-dyed skin that's pretty cool) - I bet it's awesome; love to see some flies tied with it.

This is my version of a Six Pack, tied with both natural and yellow dyed pheasant tail for the tail and body and natural/yellow pheasant rump for the hackle.

At the moment it is the only one that I used the yellow pheasant for that I have a picture of. I'll get pictures of a few others soon. yellow vs natural.jpg

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