The Colonel 3/0 Kelson's version

Here's one I've been working on and off for a few day's, I had to use widgeon for the throat instead of light bustard but I think the rest is pretty accurate. Kind of strange not having a butt to divide the tag from the body and made it a little more difficult to hide the transition. The head isn't too great but I guess I'll have to get some real Berlin wool. Anyway hope you like it. View attachment 22674
Looking at your 3/0 Colonel again I can't help but notice the nice job you did on the floss tag. I'm remembering a lesson from ASF school about floss: "it should look like it was painted on". I'd say yours is spray painted. Nice.
Thanks Jack, Jeff and Kelvin....

Jack, I finally retried using my bobbin for the floss and guess were right, it works! I had some trouble blending the tag around the tail and first two wraps of the body, I must have did it about five times before I tried it with the bobbin and finally got it. Thanks for the idea and for noticing.
Sometimes it's nice to have a pattern which calls for a herl butt. Eliminates the problem of having to blend around the tail:)

Bobbin helps. Still have to wear the silk gloves, yes?
i never wear silk gloves, but i'm not sure what that says about me....hands like a woman, or just plain cheap to buy a pair??;)
I never think about buying them until I need them, then it's too late and I don't want to stop tying. I wonder how much they are and where you can get them? I probably should get some because my hands are definitely not smooth.