Gies, Lies, Pies and some Flies

Big E

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Any interest in perhaps putting together another tying session?

It's been a while since our last one and now that I'm not going back East I figure it's time for another. I've got the room to host it here at my place in Hansville.

Respond here and if there is enough interest we'll schedule something.

Ed Call

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Always interested if the date and time work out, wether tying or just there for the stories that will be told.
I'm in too if it is on a weekend I am in town. Especially if in the afternoon/evening and I can fish that side of the water for SRC/rezzies before the tying.
I'd definitely be down if it was day/time I could swing. I live just down the road from you, but am in Everett for work until March. If you get a time/date figured out I'll see if I can make it.
I might try that if you don't mind having an attention deficite fly tier there.:) When you decide on a date and time, I'll make a decision.
I've been known to actually bring home made pies to these things so I hope it is on a day I can make it so I have a purpose for my baking disposition.