WTB Sage 106M reel spare spool and 6 wt fast sink line

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Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I would love to buy a spare spool for a 6 wt pre-spooled with backing and fast sinking line.

Other options considered,

1. spool only or with or without line
2. Spool and Reel with or without line.

I have the reel and 2 spools, I am hoping to find another spare spool. I have a floating and intermediate sink line, now I hope to add a full sink 6 weight line with a spare spool.

I love my old reel. It is the first fly fishing gear I purchased before learning to fly fish in the mid 90's. It came with a medium fast action DS rod, aluminum tube and fly fishing instruction pamphlet.

My newer reels with silky smooth drags and quick retrieve large arbor function better when playing fish on large rivers, but they do not scream like this old reel while fishing from a float tube.

Everyone on the lake can hear the old fashioned, sweet music this reel makes when a fish bolts away from me after getting hooked.

See pics below for what I have and am looking for.

Not open for further replies.

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