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zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I've seen some very nice soft hackles being tied the last week so I think we should have a soft hackle swap

Swap is limited to 16 people with a total of 16 flies tied. Please respond to sign up. Tyers of all abilities are welcome.

Standard swap rules of please toe tag your flies and provise a SASE mailer to return your flies to you.

Let's have the flies in around February 10th. (date may be adjusted based on when the #16 swapper signs up)

1. zen leecher - mother's day caddis - DONE
2. Mayfly Aviator - PMD soft hackle emerger - RECEIVED
3. Patrick Gould - something small and purple - RECEIVED
4. Gary Knowels - yamamoto's double soft hackle - RECEIVED
5. Ron McNeal - green soft hackle - RECEIVED
6. David Dalan - buggler - RECEIVED
7. Ron Eagle Elk - Baillie's black spider/Gray Squirrel flymph - RECEIVED
8. Jeff Dodd - purple and starling - RECEIVED
9. Rob Ast - Iron Blue Dun inspired - RECEIVED
10. james.jimenez - pheasant tail soft hackle - RECEIVED
11. Chris Johnson - RECEIVED
12. Calvin1 - RECEIVED
13. Chad Lewis - RECEIVED
14. Thomas Williams - hobgoblin - RECEIVED
15. hooked 1 - RECEIVED
16. LD - March Brown coachman - RECEIVED

Jeff Dodd

Active Member
I could join this but I have only tied a couple soft hackles and will have to simply pick a pattern from my Dave Hughes book.

Will you take a rookie?

Chad Lewis

NEVER wonder what to do with your free time
Looks like I'm one too far down the line. If everyone can stand the thought of having thirteen, then I'm in. Soft hackles are some of my favorite flies.

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