Frozen Lakes

It's cold out there!
Just a heads up. Rattlesnake is frozen solid today all the way across. Been awhile since I have seen that. Roads are fine, but save your gas for another day.
Good to know, thanks Mark. I'm planning to head up there Thursday. Might call the Watershed Education Center and see if I can get someone to look out their window for me first.
Did you find somewhere else nearby to fish?
I fished Munn for a while today, a couple of feet of ice around the edges but not bad otherwise. It was in the 20s and super foggy when I was there. COLD COLD COLD. I managed only 1 fish on 2 strikes in about 4 hours before I got to cold and called it a day.


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Looks like next weekend will be all the way up to 46 degrees and sunny! Think ill give Pass Lk one more shot this year. Kirk
You're only giving it one more shot? The year is just beginning ;) I'll hopefully get out to Lake Martha Tuesday, it should be warming up by then.

It would take a lot to get these lower lakes to freeze over completely. I never really plan on the ice being a problem.

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