Lone 1-14-13

Jeff, I use that fly a lot for tight lipped fish. Can't take credit for it though. I got it originally from Clarence and he got from a guy that gave a talk at the Club on Searuns. It started life as a beach fishing searun bug. However it got here, it's a great one. I'll have to give it a go later this week. It's suppose to be clear for a couple days. I'm taking my little plastic boat so I might even stare at a bobber for a bit...........:eek:...but don't tell Ira.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
I can't speak to the old uniform sink but the new one is pretty good. Casts well and sinks quickly without a belly. The only thing didn't like is there was no loop on the end. I just tied a perfection loop on the tip and dabbed it with head cement. Strong and works like a charm.
Wish I could have joined up with you guys! Work was being a pain. Did well at Pass today, but it certainly wasn't a 30 fish day. Way to go Jeff! First your sofa pillow, now this? I like your style!
I'm thinking of jetting across the ferry in the morning when I get off work. If you see a big guy in a green Fat Cat tube, be sure to say hi. I won't have beer, but I've been known to have a flask onboard.


The Whisky Guy
Fished it today (01/15) in my Clackacraft with The Mrs and my German shepherd, Gus. Tough day. Only managed 2 strikes and both came unbuttoned.

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