One line, multiple heads?


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hydrological, thank you. As I learn more about heads and what is available, I might be able to make a good decision when the time comes.:)


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Most of what is out there in the way of full lines, that is with integrated running line, is going to be either full floating, full sinking (of various sink rates) or floating line w/several sink tips. There are numerous running lines available having different characteristics. There are also many heads available, with a myriad of tapers, also ranging from floating to various rates of sinking. Then there are tips, both floating and sinking, and poly leaders. All of this makes for so many possible variations that it would be impractical from a marketing stand point to assemble a package system.
Various lengths of T-14 - 4 -8 feet max, coupled with some slower sinking tips. Looped to looped to end of fly line, some fly lines need to be cut back a both to turn it over properly, experiment
Check out the new Guideline Power Taper Compact RTG (Ready-To-Go) shooting heads. I think it might be what you are looking for.

All of the other Guideline shooting heads are awesome as well.

Loop it to one of the excellent Guideline shooting lines and you are RTG.;pagesize=12

Another option if a full line with an integrated scandi. head is wanted, is the Vision Vibe 85. Available in floating running line/floating, intermediate & #3 sink 28' heads. I have a full floating 7/8 262 grains on a 4wt. switch rod, awesome line. I'm going to get the intermediate Vision Vibe 85 as well. These two lines set up on two different reels/rods, will be great for spey/over head Puget Sound beach fishing.


Bob Triggs

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I use all of my freshwater single handed,(Rio Anadromous), and two handed lines in both fresh water and saltwater, including my spey lines; Windcutter, Skagit etc., with tips etc. Just rinse the salt off in freshwater afterwards and you will,never have a problem. The Rio MOW tips work great in the salt too. There are almost endless possibilities today for any type of line or shooting head or sink tip. I favor the Rio Products because they have worked so well for me for the past almost 20 years.
Your best bet would be to give Meiser a call. Figure on at least an hour conversation with both Bob ans Steve. Start with where & what you will be targeting, how you plan to fish, fly types & sizes. By the time you are done, you will most likely place an order for a rod complete with a line system custom tailored to your needs.

Jim Darden

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Go to shop that speaks spey and take their advise, make sure they are into the two handed rod, there are not a lot of them that I trust. Why would a person from Wyoming be fishing Puget Sound anyway? It is a long drive for aweekend trip.


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Because I'm new to anything spey, my initial post was based on the idea that if there was a basic line that had different tips as in sinking, floating etc. it might be worthwhile investigating.
During a visit to Tacoma, Steve Savill took me under his wing and introduce me to spey and switch rods. After I bought a switch rod, Steve took me to The Puget Sound fly Fishing Company and introduced me to Anil. Anil and Steve suggested two lines, both of which were Rio Outbound.
"Why would a person from Wyoming be fishing Puget Sound anyway? It is a long drive for aweekend trip."
Why would a person from Washington ask that question and make the assumption that any visit was for a weekend?
The short answer is because I want to.
My family on both sides came to Washington in covered wagons and my wife and I visit frequently. The family owns beachfront property on Vashon Island and the Pinks are running this year and I thought I'd give spey casting a try and may spend the month of August on Vashon.


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Both Rio and Airflo make floating skagit heads and 30/70 floating Intermediate skagit heads. 30% floats and 70% is intermediate. This will get your tip and fly under the surface current sooner and deeper with the same tip as the floating Skagit heads. SA makes a Skagit that is a full intermediate. The AFS head from Rio is both floating and now they make a full intermediate AFS. I have not used the AFS yet as it is new. I have used the Skagits by Rio Airflo and SA and they have been used more since they came out than the full floaters by far.


Jim Darden

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#30 offense intended...You might ask me the same question about why I would go to Wyoming to fish, cause I do. Just giving you a little fisherman are insane, that is a given....You might stop by the shop in Carnation, they hold casting sessions on the weekend and have given me some good tips in the past.

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