SBS The new Rabbit Cutthroat Squimp SBS

I needed to tie a few more for the box, so I thought I'd try a SBS. I found some awesome looking rabbit strips (Wholesale Sports) and knew it would be the perfect color for the Cutthroat Squimp.... so far it's been great and has even better action than the marabou version, kind of a mini "general practitioner" hope you like it. DSCN2048.JPG

Rabbit Cutthroat Squimp
Hook- #6 or #8 your favorite saltwater hook
Thread- 6/0 uni pink
Tail- Natures Spirit "Shrimp Pink" zonker strips and K/F, angle hair or anything sparkly (very sparse)
Eye's- GP tippets
Body- Lite Brite polar pearl dubbing (or anything you want) and rabbit in a dubbing loop
Carapace- GP breast feathers


I tie them with and without weight.
Be sure to leave a little bit of hide extending past the the bend of the hook, as this will help keep the tail from wrapping around the hook when casting, a problem with the marabou version.


Here I've added the GP tippets on both sides, if they split it's OK, it still gives the fly that shrimp look.
Also I've added two K/F strands and some lite brite pink (very sparse)

I formed a dubbing loop then dubbed the body with the lite brite pearl, but you can use anything, most of its covered by the rabbit.
Then cut some rabbit off the hide and slip in the loop, spin and wrap forward in a open spiral, you don't want it to thick.


Sorry, bad picture but you get the idea.
Next slap a GP breast feather on top for a carapace, if you want, I think they look cool and I have a few GP skins lying around.

Here's one with a bead head and the Zonker strips I used.
Have fun with it and hit the beach, they've become my favorite saltwater fly, they really do work!
Thanks guy's, I've only been fishing it for a couple of weeks so I can't say too much, but the color looks more subtle and realistic in the water then the brighter marabou. I don't think it will totally replace the original but I think it will be better when the cutt's or rezzies are in one of there pickier moods.
Hey thanks Kelvin, you know what it's like....never leave anything alone, you've got to just keep messing with it. I think it's called "better mouse trap syndrome"!
Since this old thread was dredged up I thought I would chime in. I didn't like my gp tippets splaying. I dip them in pliobond to make them stay neat and tidy. I'm sure thin uv cure would work too. Or swap them out for melted mono eyes.
Thanks Rob, those are good solutions for the tippets splitting, a little hair spray on the back will also help. After a few casts they usually split anyway, you lose the eye but gain that specked look, which I like just as much. Probably doesn't matter to the fish either way.


Conan Troutman

Bump for a cool pattern.

Have you tried tying these in top water style? Going to tie up a couple as a gurgler and see how they work.

I think the colors there make a good all around attractor type pattern.
Good idea, I've not tried it but I would think it should work well and I do like gurglers. Let us know how it works, I might have to tie up a few as well.


Jeff Dodd

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Last night at the evergreen club tying class we tied the General Practitioner, GP.

I know the GP has a ton of history behind it, but I am a Squimp fan