any good small lakes in weyerhauser area

does anyone know of any small lakes in the weyerhauser land that could be fished from shore. my dad and me are just looking for somewhere to go since the yakima isnt to good. thanks
If you're refering to the weyerhauser tree farm in the Snoqualmie basin, I believe there is currently no access up there while ownership is in transfer to the Evergreen Forest Trust. It may or may not reopen this summer. If you're looking for somewhere to go on the west side, you could try Lone Lake on Whidbey; it's probably fishing decent about now. I'm not sure what the shore access is though. On the East Side of the mountains, Quail Lake in the Seep Lakes area has good fishing from shore (about 2-1/2 to 3 hrs from Seattle) and so does Lenore this time of year (about the same distance, in a slightly different direction). Both offer shots at big fish, rainbows at Quail, cutts at Lenore. The fishing is probably a little less challenging at Lenore, and the scenery a little more spectacular.
try deep lake,in nolte state park near cumberland! its open year round . nice lake, but the gate is closed so you would have to carry a boat to the lake, no gas engines,trout are o-kay, average!
Again the question, is Weyerhauser open or not? I have not been up there yet, but was planning on a trip 4/21. I got my permit at Sportees in Redmond and nothing was said about open or not. If anybody out there knows the answer please respond. As far lakes in theat area, Black is the most accessable. Good bug activity and it does get planted from time to time. Other lakes include Loop, Mud, Hull, and Lynch. All have fish, some big most not so big. There are other lakes up there but are not open year round.


I was up in that area two weeks ago. Got as far as Spur 10 gate. Sign said open on weekends only. There was a gate to the right and a gate to the left but the road ahead looked like it was open but did not go up it. Jim P/S I was looking for the trail to that other lake(McLeod) and I think I found it. If I had a float tube I would like to try it.
Found the answer to my own question. Access is allowed on weeekends only from 7am to 5pm. I called the 800 number provided on the permit and according to the recording, it's business as usual. They will change the access hours from time to time. As far as Mcleod, the trail is about 2 miles from where the road turns to gravel. Short easy walk. Would like to hear a report on how it's doing. Last time I was there the fish were nice sized but not plentiful. To many people taking them home and sticking them in their freezer. Also, some of the local forked stick bait chuckers had decided to leave their trash all around. Beer cans, lawn chairs, rubber rafts, and styrofoam worm containers were everywhere. If you go take a garbage sack with you and take a little bit extra out.
It always nice to hear of or see someone else who is taking out others trash with them. I wanted to say THANK YOU to yourself and any others out there doing their part. This helps make a nicer experince for us all.
Hey Bob, I tried to find Mcleod the other day and got lost. I drove up the road and parked at the first locked gate off to the right and hiked up the gravel road but could not find the lake. I moved to North Bend about 5 months ago, fish rattlesnake and the south fork but I would like to find a place a little more out of the way. Thanks for the help, and I promise that I will bring a trash bag with me ;) Mike

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You went to far,the trail to the lake is not that easy to find. It is located about half the distance between the Big hairpin turn and the Spur 10 gate. AS you are driving by it it looks like it angles back into the woods. I had to drive slow so I could find it.

Good luck on finding it Jim S. :THUMBSUP
Thanks Jim, is the trail on the right or left side of the road?? I am assuming it is on the right side but I just wanted to check thanks again, and I might be young--but well I am decent ;) Take care and enjoy the great weather! Mike C :THUMBSUP

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Heading in, the trail is one the right. Look for a small turn out on the right. There is also an exposed portion of a ditch. There is another parking spot on the left. This will give you a couple of landmarks to look for. The trail angles back from the right side parking area. The trail can get overgrown, with some small trees leaning over it, but it is an easy walk.
Fished up Warehozer on Sunday, fishin was easy as normal, reports of 15" fish from the gate man but who knows which lake. The biggest we caught was 12" and it was considered a whopper. I think Friday's the don't open until 3pm and Mondays they aren't open at all. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, there is a phone # for more info. Anyone have it handy for the original poster? Use flies that are good as subsurface and surface flies. Callibaetis softhackles are a good bet (grey skinny body, grey partridge hackle) cast to shore and strip with constant tension and yo'll catch em.

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