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First saw this at the College Park show years ago during a demo by Barry Beck. Looked pretty cool, wasn't too hard to tie and it caught fish; gets my vote.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - UTC 6/0 olive
tail - marabou olive
flash - Krystal Flash rootbeer
body - hen saddle grizzly dyed olive
gills - saddle grizzly dyed red
legs - Sili legs olive
eyes - lead painted yellow
head - golden olive dubbing

mash barb and attach thread at 75% mark (make 2 small bumps; the eye will sit in the "saddle")

tie in eye on top of hook shank with figure 8 wraps; apply a little crazy glue to the wraps

wrap back to bend and tie in some strands of Krystal Flash on top of hook; let butts hang over front of fly

continue wrapping back to point above barb

measure marabou blood (shank length) and tie in

wrap marabou forward and trim

take half of the Krystal Flash butts and tie down along near side; other half on far side

prep a saddle hackle

and tie in

wrap hackle forward; keep it dense

tie in another saddle

and repeat

and again (depending on shank length, you may need additional feathers)

tie in red saddle

and wrap; stop behind eyes

tie in legs in front of eyes

take half and pull back on near side

secure behind eyes with a couple wraps

repeat on far side

grab legs, pull up and trim (shank length)

split thread (Mr. Beck used pre-made dubbing ropes; those are nice but I don't have any and am too lazy to make some)

and insert some dubbing

spin the bobbin to create dubbing rope

wrap dubbing behind, through and in front of eyes

when you think you have enough on the head, whip and SHHAN

trim Krystal Flash (let it extend a bit beyond tail) and you're done; try them in tan and black, too


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