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It's very funny how you divert the discussion to "define a good rod" and "exceptional high standards" etc... Please go back to reread my first post #5 you quote... "I felt it's hard to find bad rod nowaday... "

"hard to find a bad rod" is a statement about there are very few bad rods... it is NOT a statement to say "many good rods". you see the difference ? There are many "ok rods", "not bad rods" and "decent rods" in between "good" and "bad" categories..

Just let you know I have an exceptional high standard in rods too... but my "elements" maybe very different than yours...

Deer Creek series, in my eyes, is not just a "OK" rods, there are pretty decent rods with some good feel. I won't hesitate to recommend it to any experienced angler, let alone beginners.

FWIW, I rarely fish graphite rods nowadays, my arena already shift to fiberglass and bamboos...even in those primitive materials, there are fewer and fewer bad rods... modern lines and newly developed casting techniques are pretty much taking care of any "bad rod" you can find.. (check out greenheart thread I posted couple days ago)

I owned the DC 12'6" 5/6 and wished I never sold it, forgot who the lucky SOP was from this site was, but if I could turn back time, it would still be with me.

I guess now with what I know on lines and casting, I know what I did wrong. Even then I was still throwing 60-80 feet but loops where open, more than I liked, but now I know it was me tossing those large loops not the rod. I did not have the money to buy and trade lines around. I thought for me it was a fast recovery is what I needed, something more quick touch and go. Looked around bought a T&T 1307, loved it sold it, why dummy, went and traded it, sold it don't remember, got a Sage 14' 9wt gen III, length was not for me. Had the 13' 7/8 and sold it, wish I had not done that either. Found a deal, so recently traded for a 12'6" 7/8 Loomis Roaring River and well found true love.

I could go on and on about the trades, but every rod has it's purpose, but never found one to be GUTLESS, if I would say it is gutless it was because I did not know how to use it to ITS full potential. When ever I had a felt I was having trouble I would reel in sit down watch another Spey guy and learn. Sometimes start talking with them, give them questions, let them try the rod and the next thing they were casting 100ft and further. So for a rod I thought something was wrong, well it was me. Rods are each to their own and that is why there are so many styles to each style of caster.

I will get a DC 12'6" 5/6 again! That will be the last Spey I get! Ya right



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Quite the discussion on deer creek spey rods considering the thread started with a comment on a Cablea's LSI 5 wt. switch rod and a couple of good line combinations....
In some degree, I agree. Cmann,

I came in play is mainly picking on the "gutless" comment on dc rod. Mainly due to curiosity about this term. Rob is a respected two hander in this forum, I don't think he was just random talking...