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What do you guys like best for connecting your front hook to the trailer hook ?
i like the Maxima green, if i tie it in before the fly is done. but it does seem a little stiff.
Dacron seems like it would be maybe better. but it could swing off to the side when a fish just comes in soft to pick up the fly ???
i see some guys using Fireline ?? Hmm just not sure. course i have not hooked a fish with a fly&trailer hook ?
Ditto on the green. Tried the Fireline. Believe it or not, it would wear thru in a few hours of fishing. I like the stiffness, helps keep the hook orientated.
I've always used 20 or 30 pound wire leader material. However the is an off the shelf, purpose built wire available now. Google "Senyo's Intruder Wire"


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100 lb Power Pro.
Way overkill as far as the lb test, but I like the stiffness of it.
The stinger doesn't flop around and it runs nice and straight. It also makes it easy to change the stinger should it ever get dinged.
I also like that it comes in four colors, white, yellow, red and green.
100 lb Power Pro has a diameter of 0.018 or the equivalent of 20 lb mono.
How do you gauge the length of the power pro? Sometimes I leave it too long - that's not good - but at times I have left it too short and built a hookless fly


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It loop length really depends on how long your pattern will be and how far back you want your stinger placement.
I use the Power Pro for all my saltwater stinger flies. I add the stinger to the loop first. I then attach it to the front hook with some loose wraps.
This allows me to adjust the loop length shorter or longer before securing it. I'm going to cut the front hook off anyway, but I want to make sure the loop is long enough to allow me to change the stinger hook out.
As a general rule, the smaller the pattern and hook, the smaller the loop.
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100lb power pro? Never thought of that. Might have to give that a try. As far as length, I set most of my stinger loops about a quarter inch shorter then the length of the shank, exclusive of the hook.


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Having trouble when i use Maxima with like a #4 hook. i cant get the doubled leader through the eye of the hook. thus i have to put the line and hook on first and then try to keep my hands away from the trailer hook while wrapping the other materials. i generally use like 20 lb test as a connector.


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This is one (American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro Ultra--Camo) that I've been using...

I've also used Firewire and high test mono, but like how this holds the hook up. Depends on what you want to do, as some patterns, like the Skagit minnow use a very short length of backing material.

RIO has a similar product, but I haven't used it. Might have to get some and give it a try, since I'm almost out of the American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro Ultra--Camo.

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