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Ok, with these colder days we've been experiencing, I've been eating way too much comfort food. This morning I decided that since I was going to be home all day, I'd plan something for dinner. I wanted something that would be comforting after spending the day cleaning up around the yard and washing my very dirty pickup. I had some left over grilled chicken from the other night. Let's see, here is some frozen corn. I have some garlic and onions from the garden that still need to be eaten. Hmmm... what else do I have around here? Oh, hey a couple jalapeños and a red bell pepper! I have an idea brewing here. So, I pulled out the Dutch oven and got to chopping. Into it went, a couple medium onions, a few minced garlic cloves, a couple jalapeños, a red bell pepper, corn, a couple diced up tomatoes, a few cups of shredded up grilled chicken breasts, and a can of black beans. Then I went to the cupboard and found cumin, chili powder, salt, black pepper, & crushed red peppers. Into the pot they went. Then I made up a couple cups of chicken broth and poured that over the mix. Stirred it up and cooked that for the first few hours and a medium/high heat, then I let cool down a bit and let it cook for a couple more hours on a medium to low heat. Booooy did the house smell good when I came in from washing truck an hour ago.

Here is how it looked when I took off the lid and gave it a little stir...

I served myself up a nice bowl and added fresh cilantro and some chopped avocado. Added a pinch of shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack and opened a Corona. Not too bad!!! All the benefits of a warm chicken soup with just the right amount of zing to perk up the sinuses.

Dig in... dinners ready!!!

There's just something about Tex-Mex style of food that just makes me feel good.

Bradley Miller

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Ok clearly you're on the wrong forum.
Maybe you should be working on your own cookbook?
Or your own cooking show? That dish sounds and smells (yes, I can smell it from here...) amazing. And I'm not even hungry. Wasn't, anyway.
Good lesson: keep some good basic stuff in the pantry so you can whup up a tasty dish with what you have. Nice post.

Jim Wallace

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Thanks. Gives me a similar idea for the skinless chicken thighs that are chillin in the fridge next to a half of an open quart jar of home-made salsa. Gotta use up that salsa!:) Probably have to make a trip to the store for additional ingrediments.

That quart jar of "simply awesome" home-made salsa was given to me by Gary Knowel's mom when I handed off a flyline/reel to her that I was loaning to Gary. She mentioned that she and Gary made the stuff. Wow! Has some black beans in it...just enough for good flavor. Gonna be tough to go back to store bought when that's gone.

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