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I must be an odd duck, but I don't ever see "gear fishermen", "bait chuckers" or "fly fishermen" anymore...maybe because I check the box "all of the above."

So I guess I don't see much point in suggesting better behavior among any angling group, because all those groups are deeply heterogeneous. Now it is cool IMO if anglers in general can clean it up when kids are around, but I don't see many kids when I am fishing. Except for my own. And they already know I'm not fit for mixed company.

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Only 42?? Hell's bells, kid: I don't remember being 42! Neither does Old Man Jim. We both have wrinkles older than that! The Old Guard eschews the use of foul language and lewd glances at the gentle sex because we can't remember what word to use, and sex... what the Sam Hill's that, anyway... and we don't drink slop, but enjoy a decent adult beverage from time to time. Nope, it's not us who descend to this level, it's the young pups trying to look like us:D
lots of things just seems to be the general tone of people in the fly fishing community these days, kinda a growing thing over the last ten years I was tired of it after about 15 minutes. I would site dozens of examples. Most recently a video some guys took of their trip to BC and how they behaved like idiots while they were there. but that's only one small example.
Guys back to acting like boys when their significant others aren't around to keep them under control.


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Would have to agree Rob. The amount of foul language spewed about and lack of decorum these days keeps getting worse as the years roll on. What really amazes me is the language really young kids use...not a good thing IMO. I went down to the Skokomish with a buddy this past summer and I headed back to the truck in 20 minutes time... not enjoyable at all.


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use foul language constantly, making remarks about sex every ten seconds reveling in getting drunk on cheap beer and in general making asses of themselves.

One generation is always doing something the other generation doesn't care for. Blue jeans, bikinis, jazz music, or what have you.

I like crude jokes, sex, and beer. As far as I'm concerned, they are some of what make life worth living. More importantly, I know when to turn that stuff on and when to turn it off, a smart man knows his audience. And to be fair, a lot of us are like that. But out on the river, in the woods, or around the campfire has never been the type of place that a group of guys has had to tone it down.

Of course, there's having a good time and there's being an asshole. As with most of life, the assholes always ruin it for everyone else.


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It's probably just me being a crotchety 42 year old but I am gonna go ahead and say it.

I am tired of fly fishermen being crude. I am not strictly saying that i am personally offended I just find it incredibly tiresome that everyone seems to use foul language constantly, making remarks about sex every ten seconds reveling in getting drunk on cheap beer and in general making asses of themselves. Now I understand that there is some backlash to the whole stuffy tweed jacket picture of what fly fishing is but come on be an adult. I think fly fishing would be better off without sexual innuendos , foul language and imbecilic drunkenness. I am not suggesting any type of mandated behavior , I am not suggesting that I am better than anyone else. I am only saying that the behaviors I mentioned are bad for fly fishing as a sport, they paint sport anglers in an extraordinarily bad light, I and it's bad for the overall enjoyment of the sport by others.

my suggestion is that if you absolutely feel the need to act like a frat boy on spring break, go to lake Havasu or Daytona beach. Other than that please act like an adult .. I don't think that is in any way an unreasonable request.

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Ahhh schucks, return of the Puritans!!! If alcohol, poor language and sex are offensive, I can only hope you have your own little piece of utopia! Now I do believe in knowing your audience.


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Please label these things NFR. Otherwise, we might read this stuff. Let's keep this forum positive. I like proper spelling, capitalization, and writing out whole words. Abbreviations like "IMO" is something that the kids these days are using, in my opinion.


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Not flaming you, but flyfishermen in general (and particularly this forum) are really quite benign and self-restrained. Hardly a bastion of bad behavior.

As far as doing damage to the image of flyfishing....that one is particularly hard to fathom.

Son, I learned long ago that I was just one person, and that trying to coerce or shame others into complying with my idea of how they should behave is a waste of time...far better to absent oneself from such onerous company.

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