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Evan Virnoche

Sound like Someone is bottom hurt. I post on several other forums and out of all of them this is g rated.


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American language and culture is coarsening Rob. We're in a race with ourselves devolving to the least common knuckle dragger. Since it's devolution, it's not hard to keep up with. In fact it's harder to stay above it. Good luck.

"Steel faces," the language of assholes.


Ed Call

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I like your style ed, Just because someone has a difference in oppion doesn't make them bad
A lot of cool things can happen around a campfire after a long cold day of fishing, or mid day on a gravel bar during a lunch and warmup break. My mind is open...most of the time.
I think most people who are crude are trying to be funny or entertaing and just aren't. It's totally possible to be crude and funny but it's the lowest common denominator of humor so most of it just comes off as stale.

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There is nothing wrong with sitting around a campfire after a day of fishing with friends. We all drink, swear, pick our asses, give each other a bad time. If watching videos turns you off, don't watch them. There is a button there that you don't have to click on.

Some people need to cuss to keep from exploding. I'm one of them. Besides I'm old and old men don't give a damn what we say anymore. So there. Fuck it.

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