11' 6" Switch build

This build is built up using a R.B. Meiser 11' 6" switch blank. I used Snake brand guides and Mildrum tungsten carbide stripping guides. The real seat hardware is a Lemke in black nickel. The reel seat insert, winding check and wood inserts on the grip are stabilized box elder burl. Wraps were done fairly simple using Fishhawk varigated thread black and grey (Thunder) with out CP.



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Wow, very , very nice. Fantastic inlays, and I really like the reel seat. Where did you get the Mildrum's? I am trying to pick stripping guides for a 7wt I am building and have not found them large enough.


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How heavy is the burl to cork? I am looking at building a couple of batson swith rods and concerned about the weight? I like the feather inlays. I have also discovered Lemke/snake Brand reel seats and really like them.
Actually, I need to correct myself. I too, actually started looking for Mildrum guides and I too ran into the same issue, it was a month or so ago when I got them. So let me correct myself......these guides are Anglers Workshop AWME carbide boat guides. And they are size 12 & 16. Sorry for the confusion guys.

The blank is a R.B. Meiser S2H11668C4. It is a special blank that Bob made I don't believe it is on his site but it is available if you ask (I believe it is a new blank for 2013). This is my first build on a Meiser blank. Great blank. Clean and crisp.

This grip is heavier than most as it has 5 1/4" of stabilized wood. The I don't believe the burl is noticably heavier than regular cork. I do know it is sturdier than regular cork. At least in my opinion.
Nice clean build. I like the look of the boat guides. I used one on a 8wt single hand for my stripper and they look great. Good choice on the Burl for the grips..... Looks good
Thanks for the comments guys! This was a fun build. Alot of little details went into this build to finish it off. The boat guides were used to prevent the inserts from popping out as can happen with guides with inserts.
What is the base feather in your inlay?
The bottom feather is a Amherst Pheasant feather (black and white). On top of that is a Zambezie feather (black and white Polka dots), Greys Pheasant, topped off with 7 Jungle Cock feathers. There are also two Grizzly hackle feathers that are trimming off on the left and right but can't be seen in the photo.