Penzeys spices, You west side guys are lucky!


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We have used nothing but Penzeys spices for over a decade but have never been to one of their stores. I see there is one on Pine Street in Seattle and some in the Portland area. Fortunately their web site is one of the simplest ever to order from once you are registered. Their products are vastly better than most supermarket equivalents and their selection is greater as well. There are so many good products I could recommend but the one that gets on almost every order I make is the Whole Special Extra Bold Indian Black Peppercorns. If you love fresh ground black pepper this is the one to get. They claim that only 10 pounds out of every ton of pepper qualifies. Whether that is true or not, it is an exceptional product that will give life to a well cooked steak and just about anything else it comes in contact with.

Spices need to be kept in the dark in a cool environment. Stored over the stove is probably the worst place you can keep them. Many have a short shelf life also but can be maintained much longer in a tightly sealed bag and frozen.

I am sure there are other reputable spice merchants but Penzeys is the one we know about and their catalog is a must read if you are relatively new to the world of quality spices.



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Ive ain't kidding. Anyone who cooks and hasn't tried Penzeys is missing out. I haven't been to the store either. But my mom and stepdad go all the time and love it.

GREAT spices.


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I too use nothing but Penzey's. There is no store close to me here in western Montana, but I was in one in Colorado Springs, Colorado last summer. It was great.

I typically place orders with my brother and my niece. We order in larger quantities and then split them up. It's cheaper that way and we keep things fresh.

Two of my favorites are Fox Point and 4S. The pepper corn blends are really great too.

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I've got to tell you if you are going to Penzey's store in Seattle you should do you safe a favor and walk the extra 2 blocks to World Spice Merchants on Western just below Pike Place Market - I think their spices are of a better quality than those in Penzey's store (no idea about internet orders from Penzeys).
There is a Penzeys in Phoenix and we will not be too far from there after our move. That will be a good reason to go to Poenix, visit Penzeys and go to an Arizona Diamonbacks game.

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