Pattern What materials for the "Optimist?"

Hey there,

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the materials are for this fly. It is on the cover of Doug Rose's book "The Color of Winter, Steelhead fly Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula."

I just think it is a really cool looking fly that I would like to try tying, but I'm not very familiar with steelhead pattern materials. I can see the orange hackle tips, silver tinsel, and I think natural teal? I'm mainly unsure about what the blue and red feathers might be.

Hoping someone can help!




Forget it. Just found a thread with the materials. I had searched the internet first and found nothing, so I assumed i wouldn't find it on the sight, but alas, I did.

My good friend, John McMillan’s Optimist is a fine pattern for these rivers. It is the fly on the cover of my book, The Color of Winter. It was inspired by his father, Bill McMillan’s, well known Winter’s Hope. John worked as a field ecologist and biologist for the Hoh Tribe and Wild Salmon Center on the West End for eight years and fished about 300 days a year. He is an expert at reading water and uses precise mends to present his fly to holding steelhead.
Hook–2/0-5/0 Partridge
Body Hackle–Kingfisher Schlappen, palmered
Wing–Hot orange hackle tips, red underwing

** I got this info from Rose`s blog ...
I did`nt realize you had already found it . Never heard of the pattern before , but I like it , so thank YOU .
I think I`ll tie a few of these - minus the bead .