SBS Fish Taco SBS

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This SBS was requested by Steve Knapp. The Fish Taco is a swinging steelhead fly that was developed by Jeff Hickman. Try it in purple, pink, black, red and your other favorite colors. This fly is unweighted for easy casting but has a lot of movement and holds its profile.

Hooks: Daiichi 2441 #2 and Daiichi 2557 #2
Body: Fl Green Ice Dub, Pink Ice Dub, Red Wire (Brassie size), and Pink hackle
Winging: Purple Ostrich Herl and Purple Flashabou
Head: Hot Pink Guinea
Thread: Purple 8/0

Start off by tying in a stinger hook, point up using Fireline. Tie down the Fireline on top of the hook, feed it thru the hook eye and double back on itself. Finish off with superglue.

Make a dubbing loop and spin up some ice dub.

Wrap a dubbing ball on the back of the shank. Hit the dubbing ball with your brush or velcro to pick it out a bit.

Tie in some wire.

Tie in a pink hackle by the tip.

Make another dubbing loop of pink ice dub and wrap it to front. Wrap the hackle forward over the ice dub and tie off. Counter wrap the wire, zigzagging thru the hackle so you don't trap too many.

Surrond the hook shank with ostrich herl about the same length as the stinger. You can either spin the herl in a dubbing loop or stack.

Add five or six strands of purple flashabou to each side. Trim to about the same length as the ostrich herl.

Tie in a piece of guinea. Fold the stem back on itself and secure. This will prevent it from pulling out. Wrap the guinea 3 or 4 times and tie off.

Clean up your head, whip finish, and dress the head. Clip the front hook. Job Done.