Oregon coast range cutthroat trout (video)

Last year my friend saved his money and bought a new camera and equipment since we wanted to try making some fly fishing films.My friend sam films,and i fish..it has been great so far,he is very very talented behind the camera..This was our first attempt at a video on some resident cutties up in the mountains on a small stream loaded with fish. Let me know what you all think! Right now we are working on a small stream wild steelhead film and i will post that when the season is over,should blow the trout one out of the water



dead in the water
Nice! Makes me want to small stream fishing in Oregon when I am visiting family down there this summer.

What camera was he using?


dead in the water
Cool. Thanks.

Overall, a good video. Well laid out as far as "storyboarding" establishing and other "non fishing" shots. People underestimate how much of that is critical to making a watchable film.

I would tell him to be careful with the effects button. Perhaps I am wrong, but some of that stuff looked like post or "in camera" effects processing. A little of that can be really neat, just a little too much can be WAY too much though.
i don't think he used any "special effects" or anything like that,but thank you for the advice i will pass that on to him.He is always looking for ways to improve.


dead in the water
And I may very well be wrong. It's just something that flashed through my head when watching it. More a warning for the future (if he was using them) than anything wrong with this particular video.