intruder shanks...

I was just wondering, what do other tiers use for shanks when tying intruders? It seems like Waddington shanks have been discontinued... so i've been looking for an alternative before i run low on my supply of shanks. If you're using a hook, what do you use to cut it?
Cut your waddington shanks opposite of the break in the shank and you will double your supply one eye will be straight and one bent thoe
If you want to go real cheap, use cotter pins--- I generally buy cheap hooks and use lineman pliers to cut the hook off of the shank, but generally cut it after tying---easier for me to grip the hook than a shank...


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I've been tying my fancier stuff on the new Senyo shanks. I've tried wire forms but don't like how flexible they are. The bulk of my flies still get tied on cotter pins which you can get for around 2 cents a piece in various sizes.

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