FS Raft for Sale with trailer

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AKA Joe Willauer
AIRE Tributary 13.0 13' Selfbailing raft with NRS frame that includes anchor bracket, hard floors front and back, custom made leg braces, rear seat. Setup perfectly for fishing anglers front and back. I have used this boat during winter steelhead season, and it has spent the summer months and rest of the year living in a barn. The trailer is a flatbed with roller and winch, full size wheels with good tires(same size as a drift boat trailer, not the little donut wheels on cheap trailers) built to be a raft trailer and travels great. Also includes graphite oars with floating tips, anchor, anchor rope, rubber mats to protect floor, literally everything you need to hit the water. I will try to leave as much steelhead mojo in it as possible. Feel free to message Itchy Dog, Jmills81 or Big Tuna if interested in the amount of said mojo this raft has. Raft is currently in E.WA. but will be in N. Seattle by the weekend and I will have it on this side of the mountains. Asking $4000, email me if interested, [email protected].

You can see how the leg braces are set up for fishing front and back. All braces are easily removed and changed.

This steelhead was caught out of said raft, steelhead not included in purchase.

Big Tuna

I've seen fish caught out of the front and back. Location in the boat has nothing to do with whether you catch fish or not.


Damn new Car is taking all my money... id be all over this Joe. I have heard stories of the Mojo that this raft has, all of which come from very reliable sources.

Wayne Kohan

Oh Joe, I am thinking this is the raft I will be buying eventually, though I was planning on getting just a rowing frame, not fishing frame, and not sure I want the trailer. If you drop the price about $4000 I might be able to afford it.... Seriously, what year is the boat?

I just went through every possible scenario I could think off to scrape up the cash. This is the raft I'd like to end up with one of these days. Unfortunately I don't think today will be it. :(


AKA Joe Willauer
Too bad you won't have the opportunity to get in the front of it Itchy! Next boat though....

Also, had the price wrong, adjusted appropriately, 4k and it's yours!
Not open for further replies.

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