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"Chasing Riseforms"
Ok. I love oysters. My old friend, who now lives down in Arizona (poor soul), and I used to fish and get oysters together a lot. I have not had these since he made these for me quite a few years ago now. Since I am going out to a friends property out on the Hood Canal Friday, I thought of my good old friend, Dick. I haven't seen my other friend for some time either, so it will be great fun. He's a "hunter and gatherer" as I! And, of course loves oysters. Anyway, I didn't really know how to make them, so low and behold I found the simple recipe on the internet, of course. I'm gonna make some this weekend. I think you "oyster lovers" better try this one! Of course I renamed them "Hood Canal Angels on Horseback"...:)


16-32 small oysters (or scallops), or larger ones cut in half, shucked
8-16 slices of thin-cut bacon
16-32 wooden toothpicks
3-4 limes or lemons
1 Working in batches if necessary, cook the bacon slices on medium low heat in a large frying pan, until only about halfway cooked, but not crispy. You need to pre-cook the bacon a bit or else when you cook them with the oysters the oysters will be overcooked by the time the bacon is crispy. Set the bacon aside to cool.
2 Get a grill or broiler good and hot while you wrap the oysters.
3 To make an angel on horseback, you wrap 1/2 a piece of bacon around the small oyster and secure it with the toothpick. Overlap the edges of the bacon by about an inch if you can.
4 Grill or broil over high heat to cook the oyster and crisp the bacon, about 5-6 minutes on the first side, another 2-4 once you turn them over. You will need to turn them once or twice to get a good crispiness on all sides.
5 As soon as they come off the heat, squirt with the lemon or lime juice and serve hot.


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I believe------ you can wrap just about dang near anything in bacon and it will be scrumptious.

Here's one I do with duck breast -
Cut duck breast into large bite sized pieces
Marinade in teriyaki for an hour or more (I've even let them sit overnight; sometimes I skip the marinade altogether)
Get a grill going so it is hot when ready to cook.
Then I wrap a chunk of pineapple, a slice of jalapeƱo, & duck breast bite in bacon and slide over a wooden skewer.
I soak the wooden skewers to prevent them from burning up when I put them on the grill.
I usually load up the skewers with several of these wrapped morsels.
Then place them on the grill and rotate frequently to prevent the bacon from burning to black.
I usually serve these as an appetizer when I have company. The spicy and sweet flavor from the pepper and pineapple make a wonderful compliment to each other and really go well with the wild flavor from the duck.


"Chasing Riseforms"
UPDATE! 2/5/2013

Well, I ended up not getting together with my friend until yesterday (Monday). Stupid me forgot to grab the bacon, so we didn't have "Angels on Horseback", however, we sat on his beachfront property near Dewatto all afternoon until dusk. We had a campfire on his beach, picked oysters, and sat there drinking beers and sucking on oysters grilled on the half-shell over the fire. Then dipped them in the melted butter spiced with fresh garlic in the butter.
Geesus! It was heaven all afternoon as we ate oysters and washed it down with beer, and just talked about old times. My mouth is still watering. Of course, I brought home some oysters for dinner tonight also!! :D

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Dang, Larry. After reading this yesterday, and seeing those pics, I almost wished I'd gotten some bacon to go with the Elk River oysters I bought at Brady's. I'd finished 'em all off for lunch. I just lightly breaded and pan fried 'em, and then turned off the heat and laid a piece of Tillamook cheddar on top of each one, covered the pan for about a half minute so the cheese melted.
Not bad if you have no bacon.

I also like to sautee 'em with garlic and onions, in olive oil and butter.
My wife's recipe that we have used for years on Hood Canal Oysters sprinkles the oysters with paprika and parsley flakes before wrapping in bacon. At one party, she grabbed cayenne instead of paprika . As she passed the plate around, people commented how hot they were, she said "Of course, they just come out of the broiler!" Some people loved them!

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