Lone 2/1

Got off work at 11 last night, and thanks to a recent shift change I just stared at the ceiling for a couple hours when I tried to get some sleep. When 4 am rolled around and I was still wide awake, I said screw it and went fishing.

Fished from when it was light enough to see the first fish rise, until about 11:30 when I had to pack it in to head back to work. I landed 3 fish in that time, and lost 6 others. I'm not sure what was up with so many fish coming unbuttoned today. I lost 4 and landed 1 fishing a micro leechon a jig hook a foot off the bottom, and I lost 2 and landed 2 casting and stripping a leech in near the reeds.

Two other guys near the point when I was heading out. One guy in a canoe hooked several fish while I came cruising by. Not sure what he was using but it looked like a full sink line/retrieve. Nice morning on the water. Definitely better than the past couple trips up there. Seems like this warmer weather has the fish a bit more active. Had to work for them, but they could be had. The sun even made an appearance! 2013-02-01_09-41-27_772.jpg 2013-02-01_10-05-53_561.jpg 2013-02-01_08-33-22_810.jpg

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