RIP Chris Kyle


Evan Virnoche

Rip thank u to those have served before me and those who will serve after me. Enough said. Slider I don't know if your trying to make a cute comment on gun control or not but I think ur a doosh


Joe Streamer
Wow, that's both sad and incredible. Makes you think whether that line about "the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" is realistic. I realize I am speculating, and we don't know the circumstances of what happened at that shooting range, but I'll bet the bad guy surprised the good guys and it all happened fast enough that the good guys with guns were dead before they could act. Scary and sad. Rest in peace.

Jerry Daschofsky

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This its a sad day. I work with ptsd soldiers on a regular basis. Chris stated his own organization to help them too. I'd love to know what happened.

Slider292 that remark wasn't needed. I don't want Chris' death to be another gun debate. He was an American hero and patriot and should be Treated as such.


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The "gun" debate I hope will shift over to a focus on mental health issues, and progress further to social health. PTSD is far, far more common than most people would realize, or admit. It is also a program the body/brain run in perpetuity, until someone overcomes the pain or is no longer living. It's not something that can be controlled; attempt of control over the situation makes it worse. There are other mental illnesses that can cause extreme lashing out, but nothing that effects as many people as PTSD.

It's a touchy, touchy subject no doubt. From my perspective, the gun debate is an endless drain of energy for understanding the real ills of our society. That gun didn't kill two people at a gun range because it had a traumatic episode, it was a person who was acting out a situation that they themselves had experienced. It's not an easy thing to understand; the man who pulled the trigger needs legitimate mental help, and ultimately could be healed of the trauma. Those that were killed can't be brought back, and the attempt at creating justice and seeking answers beyond the factually based will create an ever increasing vortex of contempt and violence.

IMO, what is happening around society is a very profound thing for each and every one of us. I fully believe that what we see (for the most part) is a reflection of everything going on inside ourselves, collectively. If we want to see change, we need to be the change we want to see. Being condescending and aggressive in debate will create more condescension, more debate, more fighting.

Kindness and forgiveness are much more important qualities to carry around than the values we espouse.

Mike T

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I hope this thread stays around, not as a "gun" thread, but rather to educate those of us who don't understand PTSD. By doing this we can honor Chris Kyle, and his service both in and out of uniform.

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