Swap Beginners

Beginners "When All Else Fails I Use This Fly" Swap Update

The flies are in the capable (?) hand os the US Postal System.

Despite his best efforts, Jaws flies did not make it here on time, they got sent to the wrong city. Too bad too, they were reverse spiders which are very fishy. I took the extra flies and divided them up among you, so your getting an extra fly.

I do have one package of flies that I haven't mailed because I don't have a real name to put on the envelop, so MADISON ANGLER, unless the post office delivers mail to that name, I need your name so I can mail your flies. Please e-mail it to me.

I want to thank everyone for your excellent effort in this swap. The flies look very good and I'm sure they will all catch a ton of fish.

I'll be doing a beginners marathon swap in the fall so keep your eyes peeled.

Now, I'm going fishing.


I got my flies today in the morning mail. Thanks for hosting the swap and thanks for the tips on the Doc Spratley. I will put that info to good use. Thanks also for the tips and examples of spinner patterns.

Vicki the Pale evening dun is awesome!:thumb

All of the flies look great. In fact I am going to hit the river this eveining and give them the good ole college try.

Thanks to all who participated. I hope to see you on the river


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Have you done any fishing here locally? I'd like to get out Saturday if I get time. I think due to the heat I and low flows may end up somewhere around White Pass, but would rather stay closer if possible....

I've only been on the Nisqually here locally since Fathers Day. It's only a short trip from the house (under 5 minutes) and the water temp is still around 55 degrtees according to my thermometer and crystal clear. There are a couple pools near here that have some respectable fish, but nothing huge. At least we're getting out on the water from time to time.

Grizz, Your more than welcome. I'll pass the kudos along to Vickie.


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Thanks for the info. I really was hoping to get up to the White Pass area. I'm just not sure I'll have the time to drive that far....
Ron & all of the others from this swap,

I just got my flies in yesterday's mail. They look great. I did not include a recipe for the fly that I tied. I apologize, I ran out of time and wanted to get them out on time. I will post the recipe on this thread for my fly "the Hare and Hurl Baby Bugger". Keep an eye open for it.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Dang it Ron! I'm em-bare-assed enough already...How in Hades did I mail them to the wrong city? (I wrote my own town on the package). Things were hectic with relatives here, getting out some billing, finishing tying and packaging my flies....even though I wasn't planning on driving or performing brain surgery for the next few hours, I shouldn't have had that micro brew on top of the pain medication I'm taking for my back. But hey! My brother brought a sixer of Black Butte Porter and we were headed to the beach (after the mail drop)with our shades on to act like middle aged geeks oogling bikini-clad young nubile sunbathers, and I was working to achieve the proper state of mind.

I've still got all 12 of these orange reverse spiders sitting here. They look like little #6 carrots...make you wonder if SRC like to eat their veggies.
Here's the deal: I still want you guys to try this pattern out, so if any of you participants in the swap want one, PM me your mailing address, and I'll mail one to you in an envelope (they're crushable, being wet). You don't have to mail me anything back, as the swap is officially over.
Ron, you get one too, of course.


I'd be happy to try one of your little carrots...er, Orange Reverse Spiders.

Ogling bikini clad sunbathers, huh? You should try the bikini hatch on the Deschutes in Pioneer Park sometime. Maybe that's why all those guys keep hanging their flies in the bishes on the backcast, distracted.

Oh yeah, my snail mail addy is on the original post for the swap.

REE.... Thanks so much for putting on this swap. And to all the participants :thumb In a word, I am "thrilled" with the flies I received!
Can hardly wait to get them wet.
I took pictures of them, they didn't come out as well as I would have liked... but I will post them if everyone wants me to.
I look forward to future swaps, this was my first, but I am addicted now :eek

"I fish not because I regard fishing as being terribly important, but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant, and not nearly so much fun"

Yeah, these swaps are like peanuts or Lay's potato chips, there's no such thing as just one. Posting your photo of the flies would be great as I don't have the means to do so.

I did have a report from Grizzly 6 on the flies. He tried my suggestion of hanging that Doc Spratley under stimulator as a dropper. He said the cutts were hitting the Doc Spratley time after time.That sure is an oldie but a goodie.

Ladybug, if you liked this swap, keep your eyes open for the beginners marathon swap starting this fall. A swap a month for October, November, January, February, March and April. All with the same tiers, just different types of flies. Talk about a great way to fill your fly boxes for the next season. (I left out December because everyone seems to get real busy that month.)

Now grab Leaky Tiki by the scruff of the neck and go try those flies out.