First time out with kayak

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Went out to Munn Lake with PHWFF yesterday. Had a great time. But first time I've been in a kayak like this. Was only smaller Whitewater kayaks. So have some work to do.

Had A good time. But boat was tipsy. Have been used to drift boats and pontoons is my problem. Took about 20 minutes and it was like I've been using it for years. The work in question is just some changes for me and definitely adding the stabilizers. But overall was a good day May still look into a sit on top. But for now she's working good.

Waiting to see if I get some decent shots of me. For now you get my cockpit shot.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Geeze! Is that a bobber I detect in the background, out near the end of your line?:D I'll pretend to not see that, now that I also notice the Fenwick glass rod in your rod holder. (Looks just like mine).
Due to the angle, I couldn't see the reel in the photo at first, and thought maybe you'd bastardized the rod into a Tenkara setup.:eek: Then I noticed the barely discernible edge of the reel. Whew!
I'm going to have to fish Munn one of these days.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
No that's my old Fenwick/pflueger set up. No bobbers. That was a stimulator with a choronomid under it. Had a few hits, no takers. But I was there doing three cooking anyways.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
You'd be cold on this side of the state...and you'd need an ice-breaker kayak!
You'd be surprised. Still wore shorts when we were I in the single digits and parts of the bay were freezing up. Even when I traveled a lot to Minnesota during the winter. Write a light jacket and light pants only to avoid frostbite from the wind. Lol
What the heck kind of report is this? No fish? No food? No faces? All we get is your man sandal feet in you kayak cockpit? Sheesh!
LOL, I was thinking the same. If you had fun, it's all that matters.

Time to get my pram gramps gave to me years ago fixed up so I can take it out more often.