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Thinking of building a 10' 4 weight out of a IM6 blank, I would be using it to nymph fish some of the rivers in Montana, the Madison, Missouri ,Beaverhead etc. Also using it to fish out of a pontoon boat, I fish stillwater more then I fish the rivers, but would like to use it for both. Am I headed in the right direction wanting to use this rod for these applications, or is it a little light for the rivers in questions. I am not too concerned about it out of a pontoon boat, having a little longer rod to cast with seems to be advantage out of a pontoon. Thanks for any insight on this.

Evan Salmon

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I carry a 10' 5wt with me on my pontoon all the time. It makes for easier short range casting and really helps in line mending and manipulating nymps from a seated position. I have a casting "platform" with brace but find it much more efficient, and stable, to stay seated and let the rod do the streatching while I keep one hand free to handle the oars and bat the dog back onto his cargo deck.

The longer rod makes for a little more stowing and maneuvering challenges, especially in tight spots, but is well worth the effort.

Go for it!
I have a 10' 3wt that I use in my pram and pontoon for chironomid fishing. It casts all the stuff well and a long rod works great for indicators with 11'-13'+ of line under it, especially when the quick release bobbers don't release!

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