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Maybe it's just me, but it sure seems like the tying forum has really taken off the last six months or so. We have a lot of fantastic tiers contributing a lot of wonderful content on a daily basis. From the SBS pics/videos, to the creative patterns, to just offering up tips/tricks (such as a nifty way to tie split tails). In the past I would browse the tying section periodically, but head to other places on the web for the bulk of my tying information, but these days I seldom have a need to go elsewhere.

From Big E to Gat, Jackd, Mark Mercer, Hans.... I could go on and on. I for one am VERY appreciative of all that you do for this forum. So let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so much. It's amazing how much better this forum is than all the others, and ultimately it's the members that make it so.
Thanks Nick, there are so many talented tiers that contribute there isn't much need to go elsewhere, there is something new almost everyday. Of course... I think a lot of that is because it's winter and a lot of guys spend more time tying than fishing, but I agree I'd like to thank everyone for all the great idea's and new patterns.



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Nice post Nick! I agree, it sure is fun to check out this section. Lots of good info for sure. I'm all pumped for Spring trout fishing!


Don't forget ScottP. His SBS are very good. For me, fly tying is half the sport. I honestly get bored tying the same patterns all the time... even if they work... so I'm always experimenting with different ties. I learn much from this forum and have taken some of the tips and tricks and now use them with my patterns.

I'm glad Hans showed up because the videos make a heck of a difference when showing the steps necessary to tie the flies. Plus, he ties patterns that he has gleaned from all over the world so I never have any idea what he will come up with next.

If I wasn't lazy and my voice sounds weird on tape, I'd try the video approach. But, I am lazy and don't like the sound of my own voice. Plus, I have a set-up readily at hand to take the still shots. This I learned when I was writing the fly tying column. (which I was not assigned because I'm a great fly tyer but purely because I could take macro shots... no kidding)

There was a period of time that I didn't tie many flies for years. I gave up drinking two years ago and started tying flies instead of drinking booze in the evening. It's seems a more productive use of my time than drinking as self medication for depression. Consequently, I have two years of patterns that I may never use. Some may work, most probably won't. But once the weather warms up enough that I can start stillwater fishing again, I'll certainly give them a try.

(I refrain from posting experimental patterns that I feel need tested before posting... the bait fish patterns are the exception.)

So, unless I start drinking again (which ain't going to happen), you'll be stuck with my contributions. If you get anything from my posts... even if it is just a laugh... I'm a happy camper.

I wrote articles because I like to educate and entertain. I no longer write the articles so this is my new platform. I love this site. Sometimes you guys even give me ideas for cartoons... that is worth a fortune! :D
ScottP, yes, definitely can't forget him. There are so many great contributors to this forum, I couldn't begin to list them all. Gat, I really appreciate all the flies you put up. Out of everyone, your flies tend to be ones that suit my style of fishing most often, and are generally flies that I feel confident enough to actually attempt! And your split tail method, that's just super neato!!

Big E

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Thanks everyone for the nod in this thread and also to those that contribute.

Nick...whenever you want to come down for some tying time, just say the word.

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Thanks for posting this thread. You expressed my thoughts exactly, only your words read much better than I could have managed.

Many thanks to the members contributing in the tying forum.


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Thanks Nick, ... I think a lot of that is because it's winter and a lot of guys spend more time tying than fishing, but I agree I'd like to thank everyone for all the great idea's and new patterns.

I agree lots of great stuff
and once the Skwalas get going I'm out....


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thanks to both Nick and Gene, I could not agree more with your comments. I try to get in an hour or so each night at the bench just because I love to tie and try new patterns, even though my boxes have long been full. Many of those are from this forum because they are local. All it takes for me to whip up a new pattern is someone saying "this worked well at....(Rocky Ford, Amber Lake, N. ID, MT, Clearwater, Ronde.....). Thanks to all for posting your patterns.!
Yeah, most active I've ever seen it, and the quality is great. I really enjoy everyone's contributions. I'll have to post some of my ties to lower the bar a little bit for us mere mortals.